Walton Chain LONG Idea

BINANCE:WTCBTC   Walton / Bitcoin
I am sharing my first idea which is mostly based on FUNDAMENTAL analysis , rather than chart analysis. I coupled it a bit with TA.

This coin, trading on binance, has had an incredibly hype which endured several FUD phases that got proven wrong over and over:
-1st FUD Wave : ICO             scam, badly written white paper in english
-2 : Chinese government ICO             bans
-3 : Delay in product : No product will be delivered
-4 : Bad wallet design, incompetent team

Walton team has shown a lot of professional resiliency towards this FUD and has managed to be incredibly efficient:
- Leader in RFID blockchain technology, has huge advantages and timeframe lead over its competitors
- Working product ready
- Many partnerships
- Low circulating supplies as Walton has a masternode system, where you get transaction dividends for 5000 tokens locked.

Walton Chain is a sleeping giant waiting to explode, as we have seen with the recent Guardian Master Nodes that took the price from 4 dollars to 15 dollars in a very short time.

This coin is at its lowest support, and whales are accumulating. February is the date that their main chain will be released, and this will drive the price up in such a crazy way, that I can't even chart or predict targets.
You can wait for the dip, but as we can see on the chart, Walton has hit a very solid support and looks for a breakout soon.
Kommentar: For a shorter trade :

Buy in : 0.00078 - 0.0008200

First target : 0.0001050
Kommentar: AMA was dissapointing. Some people will sell their position. I strongly believe that in february this will take off. Like I said, hold and accumulate if possible. You can probably short WTC, the more WTC you have, the better. This is a sleeping giant
Kommentar: Damn sons.
Kommentar: Wait for a Walton correction
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