VERT set to outpace BTC - 50%+ BTC gains

POLONIEX:VTCBTC   Vertcoin / Bitcoin
Vert was strong before the BTC bulls hurt alts. It looks like Vert is gathering itself before breaking out once more and continuing to 70k+ satoshis. Vert has a very strong Q1 2018, especially considering the vertbase release, and is one of the most undervalued coins that has yet to pop. Right now it's #80 but should be at least a top 50 coin imo . This is more of a short term chart but I expect even more action late January.
Hello some update, still optimistic, now we go still down.
JordanRash MarekHoracek
@MarekHoracek, my chart is wrong so don't trade off it, but imo it's a vert fire sale. Right now bandwagon coins like verge (doge coin fork with 1 dev) are pumping much harder. Verge is an actual quality coin, but people are only trading off false hype, hope and stupidity.
JordanRash JordanRash
@JordanRash, vert is an actual quality coin********* not verge
P-U-M-P JordanRash
@JordanRash, @MarekHoracek - Well, the markets are highly irrational; this should not surprise us. I remember when both Einsteinium and Verge were $70 million microcaps only a few-several weeks ago. And Verge really PUMPed to the heavens.

I just think it sounds strange when you have this guy, XVG Whale talking about how he has some connection with this lone-wolf developer. Sounds creepy if you ask me.

Only coin I trust is Bitcoin. That's why I trade people's emotions and the PUMPS: to make more Bitcoin.

90% of coins are scams in my eyes except for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only I trust 95%. It goes beyond me to determine if a coins is real. HOWEVER: I suspect that Vertcoin is genuine.

HOWEVER: The problem with it is there's no guarantee the developers will be still be coding it 5 years from now. I think I give 65% trust to Vertcoin. But Verge.... I trust that maybe 10% because it sounds like the developer is a recluse like the Wizard of Oz.

Devs of Bitcoin can walk away and Bitcoin will still go on. If the developers of Ethereum walk away... well, they already walked away from ETC. So, why should I trust the new team? Why should I trust Verge loner?

I like Vertcoin though.
JordanRash P-U-M-P
@P-U-M-P, It's true. Bitcoin is the best bet always. Look at Paccoin for example, an actual worthless coin pumped to #58 by a 18 year old car youtuber (jr garage)
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Double bottom, boucing back to a very optimistic panorama?
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JordanRash DanielPereza0
@DanielPereza0, time will tell it seems
Talk about an optimistic title...
JordanRash tolkinas
@tolkinas, I am optimistic. Much much worse coins with much higher market cap. I'm quite confident.
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