VTC Bull pennant Breakout

POLONIEX:VTCBTC   Vertcoin / Bitcoin
Vertcoin is currently forming a beautiful bull pennant on the 1 hour chart, could easily breakout within the next 12 hours, especially with SEGWIT approval over 75% and implementation starting soon if it holds above that level.


Expect announcements from their twitter account regarding SEGWIT shortly:

Kommentar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

Some of you may be worried about buying the top of a "pump" but here is some perspective.
Kommentar: Due to a Random miner coming in and not supporting SEGWIT, prices broke down. However, there is a solid level of support here, and if the miner switches over to SEGWIT (once he has finished buying all the VTC he wants) we could see a big move back to 15,000 Sats and more if it confirms.
Trade ist aktiv: We'll that old trade went well, am actually long VTC again here
Kommentar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/tradingview/sna...

If we can get a solid break through the area of Purple resistance, we should see a nice run to around 0.0014. I think that Lightning has the potential to do this.
what is your opinion abt dgb?
Jason7189 shahzadx300
@shahzadx300, I'm buying a small amount here, as there is a good chance it could 3x.

shahzadx300 Jason7189
@Jason7189, thats great. thanks for opinion.
@Jason7189 i am a noob to crypto trading, spent the last 10 days learning about it. i bought VTC at 0.00014 yesterday, hoping to make money on it. with SEGWIT approved, the price should almost double, right?
@zjd00, I've been trading for a while and not seeing it pump is just weird. I believe the main reason is that most people aren't looking at the Stats and don't actually know SEGWIT has been approved, so 'hopefully' they announce it on their twitter page sooner rather then later, this year would be nice :-P
@Jason7189, it do not need to be approved, jason. If this period end and the Percentage SegWit > SegWit activation threshold, it will be automatically activate after next period (time for miner to upgrade because if they do not, they will be out-date and do not recognize their result on the network). Need more than 1 day to end this period and 3.5 days to end next period.
zjd00 nguyenphuctien
@nguyenphuctien, so you think to sleep on it for 5 days?
@zjd00, that's why some people try to exit cause the dump :D
@zjd00, Yes, but be careful.
Jason7189 nguyenphuctien
@nguyenphuctien, I know, but we need the DEVs to announce it to see a proper pump.
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