TRON(TRX) - Win Big or Go Home (400%+ Profit Potential)

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TRON is nearing the triangles end and we will finally see if there is profit to be made with this coin.

Entry - buy the breakout ( 600-460 , confirm the range using the chart).
Profit goal - 800, 1030, 1265, 1600, 2035, 3300...
Stop - 370.

Reaching the profit goals will take time. Be patient.

If you want to make extra $, after every profit goal reached expect a dip in price, sell/reload using those dips. Do so at your own risk.

If you agree with my chart , don't forget to leave a like and follow for more TA's!
Kommentar: Update:

Currently fighting 0.236 fib resistance , wait for it to overcome that level before going in.
Kommentar: Update:

Got past the fib 0.236 and we had an instant jump to 660. So far looking good!
Kommentar: Update:

790 reached, profits 55% already if you got in at 500. Congratulations!
Kommentar: New chart idea for TRX:

Damn dude, thank you so much for the tip, I really really appreciate it, if other people wanna say otherwise its their loss.

Thanks again A++
hey dude,Tron’s Whitepaper is copied. be aware from this chinese token.
xyzj12 MikeBizer
@MikeBizer, I don't know if that argument is true or FUD, but TRON will be great. They have more than 80 employees which 80% of them are devs that came from Alibaba, Microsoft and other big global companies. TRON-mainnet will start in April with more than 40 Mio users.
@xyzj12, you can google it.and check whitepaper. whitepaper copied from many coins such as Filecoin.
xyzj12 MikeBizer
@MikeBizer, yeah i already saw somw graphics about it. But it is a scam when you coppy or just a very clever way to implement existing thinks into a new blockchain and making it in this way better?
I think to buy from this coin a little bit but not much of course and i want hold it all year for my opinion end of year can hit 1 dollar then will be awesome , i dont think its gonna be 0 :) and now also close to 0 already time to buy for holders , but bitcoin will make more correction you can wait too actually it will be wisely i guess
Tron on #1 atm. If it stays number 1 it will get listed on kucoin so probably the price will go up .

*Some news about tron and other crypto's if your interessed : https://discord.gg/46UVS48 *
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@AegonZ, thank you for sharing this information!
AegonZ DreamBlood
@DreamBlood, No problem
The problem with charting Tron is it didn't drop based on normal market behaviour, it dipped on a combination of FUD and true disappointment. IMO it won't bounce back without positive announcement, which can't be charted.
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