TRON(TRX) - We Are In The Zone

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Simple chart, TRX reached the support/demand zone and we may see a pump in price that can eventually become a reversal.

Also if you want to make extra profit, price may dip when it reaches the resistance lines and you can use that to sell and buy trx cheaper. Do so at your own risk!

If you agree with my chart, don't forget to leave a like!

Good luck trading!

Kommentar: Don't forget to place a stop-order if it drops from the current support!
Kommentar: Update:

There is a clear downtrend for trx at the moment, buy orders should be placed at 890 or at 450-550.
any updates sir ?
What sort of timeframe are you estimating for this? Thanks btw
DreamBlood b-tctrader
@b-tctrader, 4 hour.
I am quite new to the crypto game and noticed that most analysis is based on BTC vs whichever coin. Does it make a huge difference which pair you trade? If you say we are expecting jump in price would that also have the same impact if you are trader ETH for whichever coin? Thanks.
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DreamBlood PowerAlco
@PowerAlco, yes, it does have an effect. Trading btc vs another currency is the most popular way, and the biggest cryptos are traded vs usdt(crypto dollar). When you trade against btc you have to keep in mind that it is volatile, and for example if bitcoin is rising your coin won't increase much in btc value, but it will in usd. Vice-versa if it goes down.
I got in the 1st time we hit 900s. Its been a fun ride. Cant really go lower, so Ill hodl with you, and see you at the 2500 mark!
Jmason222 andyscomputersolutions
@andyscomputersolutions, I'm new to trading and wondering if I should get in now? have seen it open at .10 and go up to close to .14 and now back in the .11-.12 range.
@Jmason222, Hard to say. This is all speculation, and you are really gambling on whether or not the price will go up or down. I cannot predict the future, so I cannot advise you on what to do. That being said. I don't believe this is a long term coin to hold. So if you can afford to lose a few thousand on these. grab them & hope for a high time to sell. Or they could go down to 0, and we are all buggered. Sorry for the late response, I was asleep!
TRX just entered bearish territory... We are not on the way up yet, so just keep your socks on :)
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@Alminc, I'm new to trading, my sister told me about tron at .035 back in December. In your opinion should I wait to buy? Or get in now?
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