NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
As i mentioned in the last post of NIFTY analysis expecting correction, It happened but due to strength of the NIFTY we got IRREGULAR PATTERN. Still Nifty on corrective pattern for next half of the week.

EXACT time and date for NIFTY BUY entry - 15 JUN 2016 --- 09:24 - 10:30. You can enter this date & time if price near to our support levels for next week 8087 - 8038.


This is very good analysis. i have question
why do you think this is corrective wave an not new impulse (b) complete and this is (C)? Is it possible for you to help me understand this point and also share weekly chart?
tdurai84 anilpune
thank you... I am view the market with my own mathematical approach. As per that there is lot of downside pressure going to happen on second half of the year. Weekly chart only gives labeling of the waves only. Dont see the market with wave analysis only, combine some of the things with wave analysis u can get clear view on all time frames.
svadukia tdurai84
Like what you use with waves ?? to get clear picture can you share ??
Exact what you wrote..keep the focus and study consistent rock $$
Your chart says that Nifty might touch its last low again in the coming months ?? But if u draw a trendline from life high -- u will see it has broken this trendline resistance !! Other chart u must look at is usdinr it has broken a major trendline support !! I dont think we are even going to go down instead Nifty might make new all time highs !!
tdurai84 AnbHfund
time will give answer to our views... lets check... market is mass psychology i am posting my opinion only, ur opinion is different. But i m confident about my views...
Hi, thank you for sharing your analysis. Your wave 3 in circle appears to be shortest which do not conform to EW Rule about wave 3. So I hope you won't mind me suggesting possible different count as shown in the chart below
DanV DanV
Or instead of 5 wave counts, may be abc retracement to the upside in which case we have possible top and new down cycle to commence. I actually favour this to 5 wave counts.
I agree as per elliott wave rules wave 3 wont be short in pure impulse but this not pure impulse, Current wave structure are corrective. Pls go through rules and guidelines of waves u can get clear understanding...
DanV tdurai84
OK, that you. I will
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