All that glitters is ... Copper?!

COMEX:HG1!   Kupfer Futures
Personally I think we are set to complete wave 2 of a 5 wave impulse north. My projected trajectory highlighted by the blue waves.
Majorly bulled up unless we break Jan'16 low 1.93. Currently on the hunt for long entry around these levels.
Trade ist aktiv: Long at 2.064
Kommentar: Approaching TP
Kommentar: SL move to 2.18
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht: Closed at 2.18
Kommentar: Here we go... entering rebuy territory
Kommentar: Big build in copper inventories. Even with the glut i'm looking for an excuse to get long.
Trade ist aktiv: Long at 2.09 , SL 2.08
Kommentar: SL moved to 2.18
Kommentar: Neckline break
Kommentar: Eyeing up 2.32
Kommentar: To the moon
Kommentar: Long term... copper looks set to fly. Short term looking like potential ceiling around 2.50 to set up selling opportunity
Kommentar: Took out 2.50 with ease

intersting to see if 2.084 holds
Genghis Genghis

Long at 2.09, SL 2.08

Looking close to go time

Sat on trend line support

Sat on trend line support. Looking to get long

Decision time numbers are 2.32 or 1.93

The plot thickens. Fresh trend line resistance set up.

Potential support from a collection of factors; bullish inverse H&S neckline (green), potential right shoulder of new iH&S, set up of trendline of the 2 heads (yellow), Bottoming out on daily stochastic
Genghis Genghis

Potential long set up
Genghis Genghis

Launched :)
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