Trade 32: Short EURJPY

FX:EURJPY   Euro / Japanischer Yen
Quick short term short trade as the price rejected from prior daily highs and formed double top on the four-hour.

Short at: 130.90 ... T1: 130.40 .... T2: 129.74 .... SL: 131.25 ... Risk: 2%

For more details and all Stats

Disclaimer: This is my trading experience, it is not an invite or recommendation to trade.

-Never risk more than 2% of your balance on a single trade. And If you are a beginner 1%.
-A Single or few trades result is not important. Whats important is the net return at the end of the month, quarter and yea
Kommentar: Guys I am still in the trade as I didn't put a hard stop. I haven't closed the trade yet. will update if closed.
Kommentar: Trade is still active for me. if you are stopped out on this trade i am sorry for that. But i didn't ask anyone to follow my trades, it is completely your choice and you should take responsibility and don't blame. I wonder if this type of person has said thank you when i made 7 winning trades in a row? i doubt that who's blaming now has ever said thank you..

Anyway, for the loyal friends only, I'll make sure next time to inform about if the trade has a soft stop.(soft stop means not exact price, it means a stop around and area and requires stability of price above or below support).
Kommentar: I am closing this trade at breakeven. I will consider this trade a loss in stats sheet.
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen
Trade geschlossen: Stop wurde erreicht
beautiful trade, congrats. sorry i've missed this because of the stop loss :(
The stoploss was reached at the first try. But then opened another order, which covered that stop loss and Got additional 40pips with this trade. Thank you very much
Good luck technician and thanks for your efforts and transpernacy, this is what maks you stand out in my opinion. Just wanted to ask when is the next wining streak? ;)
Technician abdulrahman.tayyeb
@abdulrahman.tayyeb, welcome.. heheh.. hopefully soon let the jealous losers get MORE jealous.
+1 Antworten
@Technician, You know i thought about it and it seems yes, some people are jealous...and sometimes i dont blame them to be frank he he he
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I think it's better to write "Stop reached" it it was reached. If your stop is soft, don't place hard SL on the chart. From my POV it's better for your reputation than "Comment: I am closing this trade at breakeven. I will consider this trade a loss in stats sheet." It sounds like - "I earned a lot of money, but can't you show"))

P.S. you have very good analysis and setup in total. But this approach is not the best practice! Good luck!
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@Guerrera, thanksnfirnthe headsup. I missed that.
salah3827 Technician
@Technician, Are you sure you missed ?? Lets wait and see :)
salah3827 salah3827
@salah3827, Its just need high risk traders with more SL, I think.
Technician Technician
@Technician, but some ppl just want to complain about any shit. even the update that I considered the trade as loser is not enough and you want stop reached update. wtf...
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