Well, this Cup-Handle Formation is a bit too obvious

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I don't know if this is a bit too obvious, but I expect ETH to follow a cup-with-handle pattern, hit 1000+ for the first time (in GDAX), and pull back to 975 region (maybe lower) for one last time before indefinitely passing 1000 level. I think it's time, so this may be the last chance before making some cash.

I expect it to hit 1015 levels before pulling back to 975 for one last time. Then it is all 1000+.

Let's see how this plays out.
Kommentar: Yup, it was definitely correct. Now, let's see if it will follow my expectations of a high of 1015 and a low of 975.
Kommentar: The cup was a little asymmetric but still on spot. Now I am waiting to see if it will follow through and fall down to 966 levels as I expect.
Kommentar: I think the handle is formed just as expected. So it will probably shoot up from here. However, the past few weeks has seen a lot of sideway movements in crypto. So I would be cautious before acting on it. And obviously, this is no financial advice, just for educative purposes.
so would you say it's completed and time to buy back in, because I can't tell to save my life.
CBTbitcoin armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, I would not take financial advice from me, since I am still pretty new with only about a year of experience in cryptos, but I think it is over. Still, I am not buying or selling, since I don't trust my own analyses. :D I am still trying to learn. So take it with a grain of salt. I am watching for sideway movements, since cryptos have been sideways in the past couple of weeks. This might go back and forth, without following any useful patterns. By chance, the above analysis was correct. Again, this is by no means financial advice.
armenhammer21 CBTbitcoin
@CBTbitcoin, yeah, I'm new as well. I've been invested since May, and only recently have I started trying to get into this kind of trading.
CBTbitcoin armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, Yeah, just be careful. Many people here are either fear-mongers or they try to create excitement to profit from their own investment strategy. There are very few people who actually want to educate. :) Good luck!
armenhammer21 CBTbitcoin
@CBTbitcoin, lol I've definitely noticed that. MarcPMarkets is the best I've seen. I usually try to see what other people are saying just to get a different perspective, but for the most part it seems a lot of people will just draw a line on the chart and declare a price. A little more to it than that.
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CBTbitcoin armenhammer21
@armenhammer21, Haha yep. :D Just follow as many people as you can, as you said. You will see some patterns eventually. Most of them are bogus, but at least it will teach you how people approach to the charts. :)
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