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I am waiting for a bigger/final shakeout candle down to the ema 200.The rsi is still too high at present so i exspect a further sellingwave.

The downtrend is full in Long as eth can not beat that downtrend i would not go is a classical falling knife

Kommentar: oups..
Kommentar: here we go?
Kommentar: sl adjustment @ enrry could be a good idea..make the position risk free and trail it
Kommentar: if we cross the last "2" adjust the sl to the actual "3?"
Kommentar: in the shortterm view we perhaps can see just a daead cat bounce..the rsi made a sellijg signal in this tf
Kommentar: we should not break through 151,95
Kommentar: konsequent!
Kommentar: phantastic
Kommentar: sl adjustment
Kommentar: rsi is friendly now
Kommentar: if eth could break this dominant downtrend, this trade could be a MONSTERTRADE
Kommentar: H&S ?
Kommentar: perfect!!!
Kommentar: !
Kommentar: Attention pls! :-) We are trading exactly at the MoB! A decision has to be made NOW!
Kommentar: phantastic 1-2-3 game :-9
Kommentar: RSI is overbought now
Kommentar: rsi told us the truth again...the dip was not as deep as i thought
Kommentar: if this really is a breakout a huge buying wave could be initiated....the first tp is still the 38,2 fibo on it`s way up
Kommentar: wow..reached the next tp...awesome!
Kommentar: the 38,2 is not far away....
Kommentar: crazy....! kissed exactly the 38,2 fibo..cheers !
Kommentar: rsi in the hourly is overbought again...perhaps we see a really nice bottom..perhaps a H&S?
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: crazy
Kommentar: kissed nearly the next (0,5) watch the rsi!
Kommentar: upmomentum is still i tact
Kommentar: next buying wave ahead?
Kommentar: again 10%?
Kommentar: rsi is i have illustrated an alternative way in my Chart...
Kommentar: eth decided to take the alternative route - the breakout Szenario is still in tact
Kommentar: was the kiss of the fib 0,5 the end of the consolidation?
Kommentar: 1-2-3?
Kommentar: ok, 1-2-3... rsi is friendly this the end of the consolidation?
Kommentar: rsi= buy? let`s go
Kommentar: the hozrl rsi is far away from a buying signal
Kommentar: shortterm downtrend is history. ! thats bullish!
Kommentar: 237 should be aimed now...this is the next shortterm resist
Kommentar: 280 would be the double bottom tp
Kommentar: ok...the up-momentum weakens....the highs are lower and lower.... it has to happen something!
Kommentar: no more double bottom szenario..we have to recover the 225... ...with the running candle, the uptrend seems to be broken.
Kommentar: ok..consolidation time...
Kommentar: we nearly reached the max. correction level of the upwave 136-260. this level is corresponding to the former midterm-downtrend and the shortterm downtrends bottom edge...The rsi is a bit friendlier...the max. fibo should not underbeaten...below that level eth could see a shortterm "selloff" (perhaps down to the former low @ 136
-Trading above 210 respective 225 will brighten the chart and make him bullish again (or still)
Kommentar: worst case - not my fovourite:
Kommentar: made a new "3"....
Kommentar: here we go again!
Kommentar: isn`t that nice ?
Kommentar: hmmm....eth vs btc btc is much stronger, the breakout is done....will we see the breakout in eth with a timely gap?
Kommentar: btc vs eth
Kommentar: new thread for my shortterm view:
Kommentar: when dreams come true
Kommentar: awesome
Kommentar: phantastic
Trade geschlossen: Ziel wurde erreicht: I would close that phaenomenal trade right now..the rsi turns negative...enough is enough..cheers
Kommentar: kissed the max fibo
Kommentar: nice flag
Kommentar: awesome
Kommentar: after kissing tp1 a double top is formed. The rsi is signalizing that we perhaps will dip down to the max fibo
thanx ;) since uve said it now we can expect to re-enter when it settles at .382 or the 200DMA whichever comes first ;)
is the BO Flag formation happening in ETH on 1 hour ? ;)
I love your strategy!

I noticed you use the 15min a lot... How do you deal with the long hours of watching charts?
marihuana-aktien Pip_Alchemist
@Pip_Alchemist, Hi and thx :-) I don`t really understand what u mean... i always Analyse several time Frames. I always have a look at higher time Frames. It is a Kind of a Mosaik...the timeframe i use always depends on what trade i am planning to do (shortterm scalp, midterm swing trade, longterm strategical Position)
Bear trap and now we are hodlers! Congratulations!
hi @solit, "hodlers"???? what do you mean with that?
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solit marihuana-aktien
@MaryJane, It's a joke, meme, means "holder" with irony.
oh..thx :-9 @solit, i see, my english is tooo bad for understanding irony :-)
So, not buy just now. Need to wait a little bit more.
@solit, hi, as long we are trading above 220 the chart still seems to me in a bullish mood
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