ETH Similar Scenario, Different Asset

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ETH has a very similar scenario comparing with XRP but not at all, the reason is simple as you can see a line pointing up. Well, this is still in good shape if we exercise the price as option, so I know the potential downward movement has more chances to hit lines, but after all there's still projection to buy and hold, maybe is one of the things we'll see with massive spikes. At the end the first scenario I see is: going up to 1,683. Second scenario is: going down until 330 average price.

However it would sound as birdbrain, but this is not in my portfolio and never will be, so it shouldn't be in yours neither.

Have a Good Trading Week!

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Kommentar: I hope you're not trading cryptos, neither this one, anyway if you are still doing it I have to say, if you would be taking my professional trading course or even just trading in same direction I posted this idea, you would be banking enough to run away from it.

Have a Good Trading Week!

Cream Live Trading, Best Regards!
Kommentar: Do not say nobody warned you about this...

Learn how to beat the market as Professional Trader with an ex insider!

Have a Good Trading Week

Cream Live Trading, Best Regards!
Kommentar: 603.95 smashed but respected at the same time. We're seeing this Crypto following my weird lines. However, I do not trade this, but probably if you do, you would be banking a good money following my weird lines.

At the moment this Crypto is at 781.99 which is a key level to decide up or down move.

Learn how to beat the market as Professional Trader with an ex insider!

Have a good Trading Week!

Cream Live Trading, Best Regards!
The chart looks exactly the same as any of the big 3 coins. Then you should not have BTC, LTC or ETH in your portfolio, according to this

wildcreamlife rszabo021
@rszabo021, Sure! ;-)
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