EOS: Time to buy the Ethereum-Killer?

First, I still own a lot of Altcoins while some of my friends put them already away to sell in loss or scraped through on break even. But I think on the longterm perspective it's not worth to research for technical fundaments. The Crypto market is still short of sentiment or comparable BIAS data and so we can only compare the different volume spikes between Kraken, Bitfinex and Binance on TV. Nevertheless I want to dive on some technical views for some of my Altcoins in the coming weeks. So don't take me as independent rater! I'm still disappointed from Crypto at all like most Newbies on this market since I'd catched fire before 9 months.




Dont get me wrong, EOS has a tremendous amount of potential. Short/Long options by Bitmex will increase liquidity of EOS, but in the short-term, this news may spook the market because there are a lot of EOS haters and they will bet against EOS, meaning they will open short positions. The more people that open short positions, the market will assume that the price will go down, and then people will sell. It will be shaky for EOS in the next few days. Like I said, if there are mainnet issues with EOS or big bugs, the shorts will increase. Good luck!
BitMex just announced they are allowing 20x long/short on EOS today, June 7th. EOS could likely be taking a huge nose dive in the short-term and if there are mainnet hiccups, it will be magnified by the 20x short leverage.
jjkljkl jaime_h
@jaime_h, Thx for info. That means the more 20x shorts are traded you see more bullish outview for EOS by kinda CoT or I got you wrong?
DnnyKstnr jaime_h
@jaime_h, exactly, the market is heavily manipulated, but to the downside! Saw the info too late, but anyway i will never sell my Eos. If it all fails, fine. If not, i am sure, eos will be a great business modeling platform with a hughe existing and exciting userbase....
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