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As a long time investor in Cryptos (since August 2017) one of my favorite coins is DASH'! I have DASH' tied for #1 for the coin to own in 2018 of the major Blue chip coins. Going back to October I was all about Bitcoin' Cash. So why have I switched over to DASH'? Well there are a few reasons, but the main reason is MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING! But first the chart.

Dash has corrected similar to Bitcoin' and as I showed on the bitcoin' chart both have touched their 150 day EMA . I have added a small position here and will look to add more if we get a pullback to the $745 level. This is a positional trade with the intent of adding to my long term core position. In addition like Bitcoin' both corrections were the same percentage or close to it. But this is more of a fundamental play then technical. I normally would not buy here but Dash is different and here is why!

I know of no other coin that markets as hard as Dash does period! That's not to say that Litecoin' or Bitcoin' Cash do not get a lot of press, they do! Actually Dash gets so much less press than the other two it is no wonder they have kept up with both Litecoin' and Bitcoin' Cash at all. But they have and after attending the North American Bitcoin             Conference it is not a mystery as to why. MARKETING!

The NABC was huge this year. Over 4000 attendees. Guess who was hanging around everyone's neck? DASH'! Guess who was the first booth you came to when you entered the vendor area? DASH'. Guess who was passing out everything from stickers, to T-shirts? DASH'. Who was in the DASH's booth accessible to everyone? Ryan Taylor and several other Dash team members. You had a question, they had an answer. They took time to talk to us average Joe's. Thursday evening I went outside, and there was Team Dash, I walked up, asked for a light, stood there and chatted with them for about 20 minutes! Are you kidding! I felt like part of the team! Meanwhile back at Ver Central, the cash kitties were handing out key chains and Charlie's Angel's were no where in sight. As a Bitcoin' Cash and Litecoin' holder it was disappointing to say the least.

So looking at the chart below comparing BCH' LTC' and Dash' you would think Dash would be a laggard. To think BCH' received a huge lift from the coinbase listing and LTC' is already there seeing Dash right in the mix its amazing! This is why I said WHEN Dash is listed on Coinbase it will be a game changer! Mainly because Dash is run like a company and Wall-street loves professionals and Ryan Taylor definitely fits the bill. I felt a sense of humbleness which was in no part fake with not only Ryan, but the entire team.

Bottom line I like companies that are doing not only whats in the best interest of the shareholders, but what is good for the community. Dash' is definitely doing both. For these reasons I am selling off a little more BCH' and LTC' to add more Dash!

The only thing I wish the shirt said was "Forget about Cash When you can DASH!"

Pro, any update. The support zone u draw is strong, isn't it? Thanks a lot for sharing
Can you update please?
Worst correction scenario, touching to 7700 or 8600 with a needle and returnig back, the daily candle should not break EMA150. If we break 7700 with a day candle, welcome ice age :)
mentioned you in an article:
Hi, can you clarify if this is DASH(DASH) or Dashcoin (DSH) ? Cheers from the herd :)
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see this friends

huge fan. but what does Dash provide that BCH doesn't? I don't need technical jargon, Im a simple minded person. and your convention story hit close to home and is amazing. I also got your ticket to Burning Man if it is on your bucket list. much love
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what does Dash offer Other than marketing was a clearer way of asking my question. and if Dash has a super bowl ad before BCH does, than I will say yes to DASH owning BCH in marketing(who will be the first crypto commercial? this year or next or when??). btw, I own both BCH and Dash. The only reason I have continued adding to Dash is because I believe in goldbug1. otherwise, I am Elliot wave trading BCH and BTC to increase my BCH stack. Binance seems ideal for this strategy because of their strange flash dips.
and please add BCH/BTC to your long time Elliot analysis.
dash is better than bch and ltc in every way. could be one of the best pick for the year. thanks for your article, your FA is just great.
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