DGB/BTC DigiByte Massive Profit Potential 400%-700%

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
DGB is on a new cycle, currently finalizing wave 2.

Entry: 470-550
Target 1: 1491
Target 2: 2533
ATH: 3621

This is a LONG TERM trade. I don't expect it to hit the ATH target. But it's a possibility.


Rank #43
$717M market cap
Lots of daily volume
Good, and fast coin. Working project
Kommentar: Target correction. Missed an important one:

Target 1: 940
Target 2: 1491
Target 3: 2533
ATH: 3621
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Digibyte and reddcoin are going to come out of no where and begin to dominate. Mark my post bro. If you haven't looked into reddcoin, you should as well.

Yes, many coins are going to do very very well this year... But these two coins mentioned are, inexpensive, solid, and affordable.

Great chart fyi! I like your commentary. That's great you're giving good info rather than others that just say 'moon'

Very much appreciated as an student myself.

Thank you
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davec83 Andrew138
@Andrew138, I do believe it! Thank you for the kinds comments!

I usually just do TA and don't pay attention to fundamentals, but in this case, fundamentals corroborate TA big time.
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MisterShaker Andrew138
@Andrew138,, why so bullish on RDD?
Andrew138 MisterShaker
@MisterShaker, Thank you for the question.

I believe this because it is a tipping coin for social media. And it's also a minted coin and not mined. From what I gave learned (and I am still looking into this coin--so I could be wrong) is that it is also considered a 'green' coin. With BTC taking up so much electrical power, these so called green coins will be far better for the environment, as well as easier to use.

But as far as the social media tipping coin, this coin needs to be only picked up by a site (i.e. Facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) for it to rocket. I understand that it's a big "IF"...but anything is possible, and for such an inexpensive price right now, it's worth keeping some in your portfolio. I think anyway.

Charts are also predicting the coin to go up to 500 sats by mid-late february. Which would be phenomenal.

And one more thing (this is just my opionion): Smaller coins are going to be seen as more accessible to the masses. With sizable coins (over 100+ dollars) people are going rationalize, I can either own .00000215 of bitcoin OR have 10k plus of this smaller coin. And, that will propel these smaller coins like DGB/REDD/VERG etc up.

my 2 satoshis.
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