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Is this the next flag? Trading above the ATH will perhaps bring dynamic into the BreakOut
Kommentar: teh flag/triangle is narrowing..a desicion has to be made soon!
Kommentar: anticyclical Long? (not my favourite)
Kommentar: i wait for the procyclical ATH-BreakOut
Kommentar: anticyclical alternative: buying the mangenta 38,2
Kommentar: both anticyclical ideas have a wonderful Chance-risk-Ratio -as always when you Play against the trend....i don`t prefer countertrades
Kommentar: the flags bottom was bought let`s see if this is sustainable..
Kommentar: perhaps we have to adjust the flag
Kommentar: Attention pls!
Kommentar: ris is deep red now
Kommentar: exactly kissed the 38,2 min correction fibo - rsi is thrashing around
Kommentar: ok! the flag isn`t a flag anymore! BTC crashes through the next support!
Kommentar: on july 21 i asked: omment: which fibo will be the tp of the consolidation?
Kommentar: btc tends to retrace full..let`s see
Kommentar: in the daily we see a BIIG Double Top!
Kommentar: as long as btc will stay above ~ 2380, it would be the best to stay a hodler if you are still on bord;-) The up-momentum is as long alive as we trade not below the above the max fibo 61,8 is still bullish and a chance for a turnaround exists. Below the max fibo, you can`t even more speak of a consolidation in the upmove, no, than you know that the double top has won the technical game.
Kommentar: here is the rsi buying signal
Kommentar: the retest of the breakout Niveau at 2616 was sold again, thats bearish...we have a new shortterm 12-2-3 Count
Kommentar: if we break through the red 2 a new low should be exspected
Kommentar: tp is 2382, the 0,5 fibo , perhaps that will be a trading opportunity in the hourly chart
Kommentar: is this the end of the consolidation or will we see the next round?
Kommentar: triggered bullish wedge
Kommentar: no bottom at the max fibo really the object of desire????
Kommentar: the bullish wedge is triggered and active now it seems that the 0,5 fibo stopped the downswing. Now, btc should not trade below 2525 again
Kommentar: phantastic!
Kommentar: yihaaaa
Kommentar: Nice H&S!!!
Say, was there some info I missed? :) Why do we observe this breakout? May it plunge before Aug 1 again or has the ride to the top started? :) Was rather expecting pivot moves in falling wedge...
Flag in formation to regain power, break the resistance, and reach a new ATH.... Will the price wait until the 1st of August for Segwith and lightning data transfer?
Thanks for the former thread. I have seen that, too. :-)
@MaryJane Thanks a lot for the explanations! Very much appreciated! Now I understand the "mangenta thing"! Hope you are right about the correction!
uaw! for a better understanding pls feel free to read my former thread..the actual one is the follow up of this view: @Count_Pi,
So you are going to wait for a lower level, i.e. you are short right now. Sorry, I do not fully understand. I am still holding...
pls ask if you don`t understand my illustrated Chart...the mangenta one is the actual flag (bullish) ..i don`t see Shorts at present...just a consolidation...scroll in my comments, here you can see my opinion @Count_Pi,
marihuana-aktien marihuana-aktien
in my Chart u can see that i also see a Chance for Shorts when we break the ema (the "3?") @MaryJane,
marihuana-aktien marihuana-aktien
also = only @MaryJane,
Hi @MaryJane Do you mean sell the 38,2? We already hit it. Or do you mean to add to longs here? Looks like it go down som emore, no?
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