BTC gonna hit 20k usd this weekend? Alt-coins gonna drop?

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I strongly beleve with the new upcomming bitcoin futures , the bitcoin gonna hit 20k this weekend. So I sold most of my alt-coin holdings for BTC , last night.

The last futures of the past week didn't had negetive influance on the bitcoin yet. So people feel safe to buy btc now, their could be a real bitcoin rush. I expect most alt-coins will drop in price this weekend, because of the trading volume moves to bitcoin , from monday we will see an alt-coin rush again.
Kommentar: Some learning post for my followers. This is how I see and analyse all the markets. It's easy and good result. Just see everything in channnels, like I did below for the bitcoin. When crossing up or down you can sell or buy.

Kommentar: We're in the demand zone. Good buy opportunity for bitcoin now. I post chart soon.
Kommentar: Some other view on the bitcoin. For me I'm bullish till probably sunday evening.

Kommentar: Had a busy day with familie. I post new TA tomorrrow morning. For now im really bullish on the btc! I expect 21k tomorrow and a big upcomming bullrun.

We’ll switch tomorrow evening to the alt-coins. I keep you Guys updates with some good alt coins to invest in!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: Trade stopped. Almost hitted original target. The charts tell to sell.

Check the new idea here:
What do you think about Verge?
good work mate, keep em coming
Cardano didnt drop lol
You are the mann!
Thanks for the Update!!!
Hi, thanks for sharing with us your thoughts. Can I ask you the stratedy that you use to manage your portfolio?
you got any update bro?
How do you trade LTC for BTC???? im new at this whole thing. any help or advice would be amazing!!!
@LTCbag, how did you buy LTC?
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jaywee JimJCricket
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