BitCoin - Potential End of Wave 4

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BTC formed HnS at the peak of $20,000. I expect the price drop to around $8000 or around EMA200 level but it broke the support.
Correction of the BTC is within bullish wedge ... The corrections seems like going to "crash" which causing fears among weak hand.
However, recent surge in volume suggest that Wave4 correction might be coming to near end.
Suggest to be greedy when everyone is fear to enter. Start accumulate.
Based on FIBO.. Potential target around $32,000 by end of WAVE5
Fantastic KG!!. The trend reversal is very obvious and market sentiments are growing stronger. As more Goverments(FinTech) studying the possibility/ways to adapt Blockchain technology as part of digitalization. I don't see any treat for blockchain based instruments such as BTC & ETH as well as Bitcoin Cash in near future. They are going to dominate.