Capital management "profit fan"

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We have already talked about trade

And it consists of three items


Technical analysis
Manage capital

We pointed out that the 3 items are both important

But the initial analysis is psychological and we explained it

You can not trade and you are angry or your mind is busy or something else is lost or scared or scared

Your mind must be pure and fully focused, and then the analysis begins

Today we will talk about managing capital

Many of us have heard about managing capital

Some know it and apply it

Some only know the name

from my point of view

Manage capital

Is the most important item in the trade

After Psychological Analysis

Managing capital
The style is very beautiful if you follow it freely and reassuringly

A simple definition of capital management

Is the distribution of capital on your purchase orders that you will make and this distribution is based on conditions we will know now

As an example you now have 5 orders available to log in. What will you do?

Here is the role of capital management

First you will choose

The closest in profit, the less the risk and loss, the higher profit, the analysis that corresponds to your vision,

Yes Entry is not random but is done on a look and fast application

Here after your choice is placed on the orders you will enter

You decide to use a margin of quantity from your account

Also this is not random

  The highest profit and the least loss is the first purchase order will be deducted from your own capital to enter

You will always make as much as you wish 50% of your head or 75% of your trading

And 25% margin is always available in your account in anticipation of any sudden movements in the market or in anticipation of reflection of the deal

Learn to manage capital and look for it more and train it because it is a very important way to your success

In the last

Praise to Allah, who has guided us to this; And we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us


We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay
Kommentar: "capital management"

i call it Ammo

you have one Ammo"you total of money".and you are in wild place "market".
what you should do.
spend all Ammo for nothing or for greedy hunting.
or keep it and manage it to be alive for The longest possible time at this wild place.
when you use the right Manage with good analysis that will give you good feeling
clear mind
Lack of fear
Will be like the commander of the battle
In the operations room, the soldiers moved to the right places.
if you didn't
when you see first red color -1 % you will be like a madman. human feeling panic and more panic make you lost your mind make market eating you.
So don`t be like a prey. and be a hunter " use capital management'
We ask Allaah to reconcile and repay
great Bro
AOA @HamadaMark
I know you are taking off brother for 2 weeks, but just one q/s to ask
BTC almost hitting to 10K, do you u think is it good time to sell BTC and some low performing ALT coins to USDT and wait for the dump
and if BTC dumps where to rebuy?
Thank you very much, I look forward to learn much from you.
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+1 Antworten
You are the best bro
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@silkway, Thanks Bro
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