Sell Panic and some tips

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In the beginning, this is not a gamble or a game of luck. It is a trade that has rules and conditions and everyone is aware of it But this is for beginners Like me

The concept of rotation

It means constant change in anything, whether it is the price or the status of the person or even the days. Everything around you is changing.

Here, for example, in currency trading

Round the days of up or down

Times of sale or times of purchase

Before you start something you should know what it is and how it works

Today we will not explain how to trade or analyze the chart

Today we will talk about the sale of panic, which happens every now and then

Feeling Human Such as the chart

* Happy day
* Day is afraid
* An angry day

The turnover consists of 3 items

* Analysis

* Manage capital


From my point of view, both are very important

But the most important psychological analysis

Why this?

This is the subject of the day

You should learn how to control your feelings

Do not fear
 Not for greed
 Do not panic
Then learn
Before you make a decision to buy or sell it must be built on a study

Not your feelings

Do not buy or sell based on rumors

Study the chart and learn how to trade

Do not trade and you are afraid

Or unsure of yourself and your analysis

Do not make yourself prone to loss

Like what is happening now

Many people lost their money

Because he left the study and took care of his feelings and ruled by fear

Just before any action check your chart or SQL analysis and know which direction you will take

Know the size of risk
Also ask for profit
Before any move make sure that it is built on the learner and not on the feelings

Check out what happened as shown in the chart of many violent moves in which many lost but eventually ended up returning to normal movement
Do not make yourself exposed to your feelings
You will lose it if you do

Look @ chart and see Panic candle and u will know what i mean

End Of text i hope all Learn how analysis chart but before how u can control your feeling

Praise to Allah, who has guided us to this; and we would never have been guided if Allah had not guided us
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Kommentar: Greed is the enemy of the first man
All human beings suffer from this problem, which is greed
But it is easier to cure it, God willing

If you suffer from greed
You have to learn and look at yourself for satisfaction

When you suffer from thirst what do you do?
Drink until you are satisfied and feel good right?
But what would happen if I kept drinking and did not stop
Of course your stomach will be explode.

You are also in the world of finance
Just take your need and accept it
For if greed own you
A day will come and you will lose everything
The reason is also greed

So you should learn satisfaction and contentment

And control yourself as much as possible
Kommentar: Fear, panic and how to overcome them

Is it possible to ask you a question ?

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid of loss

If the answer was yes

My advice is to stop trading

As we explained previously
Your business is based on profit and loss

So you should learn how to deal in both cases

Whether you win or lose

In profit do not rejoice greatly

Because you did it

You will be very sad when you lose

You have to deal with those things like ribot

It does not mean that you do not care about your loss

No, of course

You should care but do not make sadness and fear control you

Because if that happened

The loss will increase and the situation will worsen

Because you have made the emotions control you

Your mind stops thinking

The trade is shown on planning, studying and using your mind and not your feelings

The solution is easy and simple

You enter the trade in search of profit and look at how much you will achieve that deal of profit

Why not look at the size of risk

If you look at profit and risk

he agreed to enter

Why fear and panic of market movements?

If your analysis fails, what should you do?

You will let your feelings control you

As we mentioned, if you do, of course you will lose more

You use your mind and review analysis or SQL analysis

Trading with feelings is always worth losing

Trade with a mind and study equal calm and good behavior
Kommentar: The stubborn person

Many of us lost a lot of relationships because of stubborn

But what is the stubborn person with the market?

He certainly loses his money


Do not make the market your enemy or your opponent

If you do that, of course you will lose your money

Make the market always your friend who tells you his all secrets

To reach safety and achieve the profit you want

Build your analysis on the data you have seen through the chart

And always put as a boarding scenario

Put the landing scenario

In order to be ready in both cases

Be aware of and follow the movement of the market

The market is either bullish or bearish

Be ready in either case

If you are a beginner

Do not distract yourself by following more than analyst

Each analyst has a different perspective and rarely will find consensus among all

So choose the best you see from your face and follow his advice and analysis always

to gain profit and Do not distract yourself
Kommentar: ===========================


All of us have entered the field of trading and want to make a profit and live a good living

Perhaps from this point of view some think that it is overnight

He will be John Murphy or will make his fortune quickly

This is a big mistake
To achieve your ambition

You should know how to do it

Learn how to reach your goal

To look and build a good feasibility study

Then you do the work

Livelihood in all religions by the Creator


You should also take the reasons

And strive and study and learn to reach your goal

How to make a profit from trading

And you do not know anything about him?

And you do not give him his right?

Do not you devote time to trade as a time to sleep?

You are even lazy about reading and understanding the description written down the analysis

We have a saying to Imam Shafi'i says

Who wanted success and high status of non - fatigue

He lost his age in asking for the impossible

It is your duty to take the reasons

You should learn

To strive

give the field work in which it works its right

Be satisfied with what God has given you

And to ask God to give you sustenance

At the time you will achieve your goal of living a quiet life. and You will have all the money you need for live
Kommentar: Be a trader but

Be a trader but but with a heart, a mind and a determined hunter

Fisherman everyone knows him

He goes daily to the sea and asks for his livelihood

It is very possible to spend long hours and return without one fish at the end

Does the fisherman stop hunting?

of course not

Even though he lost his time, effort and money

But he has a strong and firm determination and return the next day and fish and do this always


I want you to be like that hunter

Never give up whatever happens

And stuck to his strong determination

And ask God for sustenance
Kommentar: Self confidence

The biggest success factor is if you stick to it
Conversely, if you do not trust yourself and your style, you will fail

I talk about trust rather than arrogance and vanity

There is a clear difference between this and that

Trust plays a key role in your way to success

If you do not trust yourself how do you analyze charts?

How will his vision be?

How will you trade without trust in your analysis and before that yourself?

Having a trust equals success

Yes. Be sure that you are able to learn everything and understand everything you know

Not even everyone said you could not do that

Just ask God to facilitate things for you

We have an example in Arabic

A confident person walks as a king

Be a humble king and confident of yourself doing the right thing and avoiding the mistake

Do not make people talk make you a frustrating person

trust yourself
Kommentar: what is the time when you stop trading and the same time you'll be traded?

All people trade

But what time should you stop trading?

We have already mentioned some mental errors that have been cured and we have given some tips I hope some of them have benefited

The market is filled with traders every person who trades as he sees in his own style

But the time comes for professional traders to stop trading and stay out of the market

Why ?

Because at this time the market is halfway up like what is being urged now

People are waiting for something to lead to a new top or a new bottom, but in the middle of it here the professional trader stops and waits outside to check the data, whether it will lead to a peak or bottom will complete his trade and work

Be like that professional

Do not enter and get yourself involved halfway

A lot when the important news for the dollar closes his deals and is waiting abroad to see the result and then complete his work Yes that is a professional trader really

He has his mask that this day is not the last day of trading

If he misses his chances on this day, he will work hard to find others in another day without sadness over the opportunity that he missed

At these times and with such actions and stop buying and selling and choosing the right time = this is the real trade

Be a skilled fisherman

Wait a sunny day with a nice sea atmosphere by Hadi and go fishing

And do not be like a stubborn fisherman riding the sea, and the waves resist its finality or drowning or loss

End text
we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Kommentar: if the panic was man i will kill him

beside rules in the group and our warning about panic
i want ask you why panic?

are this panic help you to gain money?

are this panic help you to solve your problems?

are this panic help others?

if your answer yes please prove it to me

if answer no why you let this feeling control you?

You should try and treat this disease "panic"

make you die and you still alive

make you like Ostrich buried your head in the sand

stop look for you — and be
calm - focus - learn from this mistake make you reach to this point

this market has a one good rule

no loss, until you decide it.

you not forced to sell in lose

just use your mind to kill this enemy "panic" and win at this war

yes, you are Injured but you still alive.
If you let the panic control you- surely you will die.

so please calm and stop panic and recheck your fight plan, To fill your gaps and learn from your mistakes and win at this war

i hope you will use your feeling and your mind to read and understand my words

please don`t be angry at me, i just saw many people lose money and the main reason was panic "sell panic".

End of text

we ask Allah reconcile and repay
Hamada, I don't say you are the best for no reason. Trading is not only about numbers, actually, rather, it's about emotions. One will always lose unless he conquers them.
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@alpakal, appreciated your kind words alp i hope these tips help all players in this market
Strong words....

Just little bit from my side.

This is very good for the ones who panic while correction is a Healty market process.
This market is in ambrion level. In other words, bullish as crazy in long term. If u have no experience in trading convert your mind to investor level.
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HamadaMark cryptomizer
@cryptomizer, true this disease "panic" just make mind stop and eye plind just panic and loss.
thanks for your comment Cryptomi
+1 Antworten
@DAHANX, you are welcome Bro i hope all understand what i was mean at this tips
Thank you.
+1 Antworten
@RyotaKun, you are welcome Bro i hope all understand what i was mean at this tips
It's very very useful for me. Many thank :)
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