The most epic bull run in history. The Age of Bitcoin. (update)

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
The original chart contained a donation address in violation of house rules and the chart is now invisible to the public. I will post updated screenshots below.
If this is your first time on this chart, this was a forecast from Feb 2017 back when Bitcoin             was in the $800's. The blue and yellow lines have held up amazingly well over the course of the year.
Kommentar: Original chart:
Kommentar: Bitcoin and digital currencies have some issues, yes this is true. However, they are severely undervalued when compared to most fiat currencies. Expect this whole market to have a combined marketcap in the trillions faster than you think.
Kommentar: Incredible growth since i published this chart. So far it seems to be holding quite well! Next week I will add a youtube link to my new channel where I can discuss my thoughts with you all in a more direct fashion.
Kommentar: 2018 is going to be a wild year for crypto. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for the commends, views and likes.
Kommentar: Taking a best shot at what the peak will be: $45k-55k
Kommentar: Owning 21 Bitcoins, or 1/1,000,000th of the Network, should be worth at least $1MM. Using this metric and in my opinion, a fair price of Bitcoin in 2017 should be around $47,619.00 per Coin.
Kommentar: *a fair price of Bitcoin in 2018 should be around $47,619.00 per Coin.
Kommentar: Looking at today's chart on Bitcoinwisdom: STOCH RSI significantly oversold on the 1W charts and on decreasing volume. This doesn't look like the big crash many are expecting.
Amazing analisis. What do you think about if wave 3 allready toped at 20k and we are retracing. Do you think it is possible? If so buying at 3k would on the table
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The stoch rsi was oversold for months after the last 2 bubble pops. We just got into oversold territory now. It can easily stay there until the beginning of Summer.
Ero23 PRO Johnsdad
@Johnsdad, Maybe. at current levels I expect this to last a month tops. We'll see.
I'd love to know your thoughts on what's happening today ..
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ero23, u got a youtube channel?
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Ero23 PRO the_bag_holder
@the_bag_holder, No, but If there is interest I could start one.
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ju5tin Ero23
@Ero23, very interested, taking this main idea and working through it then re-examiing at a later date (say every 6-12 months)... just make sure to embed your QR code in the corner of the videos as people will steal them and replace your donations address with theirs....
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@Ero23, Me too very interested, please start one!
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@Ero23, Let us know if you create a youtube channel
when you say $1MM do you just mean 1 million dollars?
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