BTC final idia

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / Dollar
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If we ever broke and close below blue line btc will officially lose its momentum, all btc bulls will pray for a proper bounces
Kommentar: will add 25% more at 9k
Kommentar: we can also see a blow off bottom up to 7500-8300 with huge buying volume
Kommentar: on most of altcoins i see a bullish engulfing candles on 4h, just a potential of market reversal, lets see
Kommentar: so far we gucci :D
Kommentar: so far btc looks healthy, trade gave us good profits, HODL
Kommentar: closer look, same arrows.
Kommentar: people in PM going crazy with this panic
Kommentar: save this picture, thank me later
Kommentar: yes we can go to 8k intraday but we will never close below 8k, my final words about btc, just watching the market, got any arguments , PM me.
Kommentar: 20k was just a retest of 2012 uptrend line, we will break it, go to 100k, then retest it as support to around 30-40k, then go higher
Kommentar: the most bearish scenario for BTC is 8k intraday low with a huge volume spike up to 8k-12k in 1 day, sell targets are fibs.
Kommentar: curve will still be there on a weekly logscale
Kommentar: short term will be very intresting, potential 3-4 days of up n down market 10k-11.5k range
Kommentar: same gartley im looking for days if we still bear, 8800 with instant bounce
Kommentar: watch this
Kommentar: wrong pic, here is what we need to look at
Kommentar: ABCDE triangle very easy to trade
Kommentar: We breakout as i expected
Kommentar: read note in red.
Kommentar: future BTC movements
Kommentar: correction target hit as expected, now we must be sure we wont close below green line.
Kommentar: watch out on 4h timeframe, we barely hold trendline
Kommentar: btc started potential doom market by breaking 10800
Kommentar: 9600-9200 new support
Kommentar: btc playing with your emonions, nothing more so far, dont SHORT it, only if we close below 9500 on 4h-daily its a short play
Kommentar: it can form just bigger patterns,but on weekly support is at 7500, if we break this 9500 level im short till 7500
Kommentar: if we bull im trading sypher pattern, will give you bear scenario aswell
Kommentar: worst case scenario for me if we bear, 7500 target gartley pattern complete, epect bounce after to 0.618 minimum.
Kommentar: 9600 hit
Kommentar: 9800*, watch daily close now, if we will close below 9600 it will be bearish engulfing on monthly chart, btc is definetely not bullish asa of today, i wanna see reversal confirmation atleast on daily, but will be better to see it on weekly.
Kommentar: Near who support lines
Kommentar: this line is also 0.618 retracement, by backtesting hopes of people during BTC corrections they never get what they want
Kommentar: bounce????!
Kommentar: scenario i see if bitcoin wanna survive and not enter full capitulation mode to 5k or lower, this lines is the last hold
Kommentar: target hit, im buying like a monkey here
Kommentar: who is trading one of my scenarios is a man
get in there and buy up some BTC for me!I am getting rekt! - ...this trendline needs to hold
Pyrex1lol Blorenz
@Blorenz, 2 months ago we were at 20k, bitcoing keeps surpize with volaltilaty i agree, for me its just a black friday man
we need 10'8 to held here
Thanks for update
RomanLosev RomanLosev
@RomanLosev, Its about time to move....
RomanLosev RomanLosev
@Pyrex1lol, Broke 10.8 goes down?
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