Hello darkness my old friend... We come to test your dominance again....

Not financial advice, thanks for joining in!
Trade wurde manuell geschlossen: https://www.banking.senate.gov/public/_cache/files/d6c0f0b6-757d-4916-80fd-a43315228060/A2A6C1D8DDBB7AD33EBE63254D80E9E3.giancarlo-testimony-2-6-18b.pdf

This marks the beginning. I wouldn't bet on it dropping below 5k.
Trade ist aktiv: Moving the trade back to active. We may see 7500 range again.
All I know is... the Whales will rekt longs and shorts. Best to just HODL and average down or to buy an altcoin that had a complete cylce and due for a pump! (like Vertcoin). But as for a true bear market, I doubt it. Whales and institutions just want cheap coin to PUMP in the Spring for 2nd or 3rd quarter.

Market simply ran out of buyers and those that bought at the ATH's are depressed.

Bitcoin will go to $350k in a few years. Just buy more.
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tymonster PRO mightytrader
@mightytrader, I love this, what a truly undervalued coin (vertcoin), thanks for chiming in, yes just HODL.
mightytrader tymonster
@tymonster, And I say hold because timing this market is very hard! You can still trade the volatility though. E.g. If I see a good short trade in BTCUSD, I will sell some Bitcoin to buy back cheaper in order to increase my Bitcoin. But timing the turning point or predicting the price... Who knows? It doesn't go straight down and is so volatile. Today I sold and increased my BTC by 8%! That's why I buy alts, too... to increase my Bitcoin.

But careful on alts... some will crash hard. I really think Vertcoin completed it's cycle though and is good coin so I can hodl it. But I only put in what I am willing to lose. ;) Cheers!
mightytrader mightytrader
* its cycle (no apostrophe)
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