TradingView Desktop releases and release notes

August 4th, 2022. Fixed issue with broken sign-in for Korean users in version 1.0.14

Bug fixes
  • Authentication through browser not working if Windows UI set to Korean
  • Permission request appearing on opening OLX authentication

July 29th, 2022. Fixed issue when multi-chart layout appeared with a single chart. Version 1.0.13

Bug fixes
  • Multi-chart layout appearing with a single chart

July 27th, 2022. Symbols and intervals now restored for multi-chart layouts too in version 1.0.12

Features and improvements
  • App restores symbols/intervals on tabs with multi-chart layout
  • New About with check for available app updates and option to start update manually
  • Fresh look of Layout list on New tab
  • “New window” button on tab bar
  • Revised theme switcher in Settings
  • App follows system locale until signed in
  • Settings & New tab support RTL locales (AR and HE)
  • Show ticker and layout name on window title
Bug fixes
  • credentials not saved
  • Saved credentials appearing above input box
  • Factory reset not clearing saved broker credentials
  • App minimizes when hovering over tabs
  • Closing alert on Triggered Alerts popup closes all alerts
  • Keyboard shortcuts not working with Colemak layout
  • App not restoring tickers if too many tabs
  • Settings jumping to center when appearing
  • Unnecessary scrollbar on dialog “Share screen”
  • Ctrl+<click> opening chart in same tab
  • Ctrl+<Numpad number> not switching to selected tab
  • Period key opens Symbol Search not Load layout
  • Active tab not updated after deleting layout
  • No checkbox "Sync crosshair across windows" in Settings on Linux
  • Small but annoying ■ on hovered inactive tab
  • Zoom tooltip not closing after moving window
  • Settings not closing when clicking House rules or Notices & Ackn.
  • Drop-downs not closed by clicking arrow
  • Bleached app icon on Apps & features list (Windows)
  • Dialogs blinking on Linux
  • Duplicating New tab opening tab with wrong title
  • Too bright separator on dialog “Sign in” on Macs with retina

July 4th, 2022. Bug fixes and small improvements in version 1.0.11

Features and improvements
  • Theme switcher on the app menu
  • “Color theme…” item on burger menu to call app settings
  • Move “Settings…” higher on the app menu
  • Rename default theme option to “Use system setting”
  • “File is saved” toast should disappear faster
  • Ctrl/Cmd+S to save snapshot opened in new tab
Bug fixes
  • Change Interval appears instead of Symbol Search when pressing letter key
  • App switches virtual desktops on hovering over tabs on macOS
  • Crash on fullscreen window close
  • Crash on new tab creation in anonymous session
  • Fullscreen not activated by pressing F11 once
  • The app closes when an unregistered user opens a new window
  • Settings only appear on the main display
  • Settings appear partially off-screen
  • Alert popup keeps showing after closing system notification
  • Num lock keys not working as numbers in keyboard shortcuts

June 20th, 2022. Automatic theme mode and custom tab titles in version 1.0.10

Features and improvements
  • Automatic theme mode and in-app theme setting
  • Customizable tab titles
  • Setting for enabling/disabling crosshair sync across app windows
  • Renew Settings UI
  • Improvements to the tab bar in fullscreen mode on Windows
  • Restore symbol, watchlist & color tag on tab reopening
Bug fixes
  • New tab should appear rightmost
  • Autofill: Saxo broker credentials not saved
  • Tab bar hides on opening context menu when in fullscreen
  • File saved toast message not translated
  • Browse button in Settings goes ▢ for JP and CN
  • Reopened window appears behind the current window on Linux
  • Tab bar appears after switching tabs in fullscreen on macOS
  • Ctrl+click opens layout in current tab
  • Tab flickers on dragging
  • Sound keeps playing after closing window

May 25th, 2022. Restoring watchlists in tabs and enhanced full screen mode in version 1.0.8 and 1.0.9

This update has version number 1.0.8 for Mac&Linux and 1.0.9 for Windows.

Features and improvements
  • Restore watchlists in tabs at app startup
  • Show tab bar in full screen on Windows
  • Open TradingView links from clipboard
  • Shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+, for Settings
  • Custom vertical scroll for non-chart pages on Windows
  • Update to Electron 18
  • New tab: Ctrl/Cmd+<click> to load layout in the background
  • New tab: Reduce tabs jumping on selecting layout
Bug fixes
  • Crash due to memory leak (new Electron required)
  • App processes not killed after quitting app
  • No “Open link in a new window" on the context menu for free users
  • Windows taskbar not appear when app in fullscreen
  • Tab bar delayed appearance after quitting fullscreen