S2BU2 True Range Bands

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What it is:
A twist on the DMI and ATR indicators.

How it is calculated:
What you see is a basic 14-period EMA calculated based on the opening price of the candle.
Extending from this base is the average true range, showing the expected realistic movement in that direction.

How you may interpret what you see:
Extended movement outside of those bands indicates a strong trend and also indicates a bad time to enter. In a sideways market the best time to get in and out is whenever the chart crosses the upper/lower bands. As usual, do not use this indicator alone to determine your entries/exits. If you find a regular behaviour related to this indicator that is not mentioned here feel free to reach out to me. I will consider adding it the list

How you may improve accuracy:
Most obvious - combine with different indicators measuring different things. This indicator measures potential direction. You may combine it with a simple trendindicator, momentum-indicator, etc. There is little use in combining it with another indicator measuring the same thing. When using 2 indicators for the same aspect, pick the one that is more reliable or reacts faster - depending on your preference and strategy.

Another Option to improve accuracy is to overlap the indicator on several timeframes. Dissonance is weakness. Ressonance is strength. if you see many tfs showing the same movement it may be a good time to get in - you will have to judge it yourself though ;)
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