Local Limit Lower

Displays recent higher and lower lows.

In it's simplicity is a lot more powerful than might appear at first glance.
  • Does not rely on volatility calculation.
  • Can be linked together to create an objective view of recent support levels.
  • Makes current trends more visible.
  • Excellent as a trailing stop algorithm.

Can be used with its sibling: Local Limit Upper
Versionshinweise: Reuse code from Local Limits.
Margin is now implemented properly.
Versionshinweise: Eliminated buggy bar sensitivity option as the indicator works as intended without it.
Versionshinweise: Code cleanup. Removed unused parameter.
Versionshinweise: Added trend change values for more reliable alerts.

Simply select the "Change" value and alert on "Greater Than" or "Less Than" zero depending on which direction you want to detect.
Versionshinweise: Updated username/copyright.
Open-source Skript

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UPDATE: alerts can use the more reliable "Change" value.
If you want to use these for alerts, use the "Moving Down" option with a value of 0.01. When the source value breaks lower, these indicators move in that direction.