10-500 EMA - V2 - Rainbow Edition

Updated, now with colours!
Open-source Skript

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study(title="10-500 EMA - V2 - Rainbow Edition", overlay=true)
src = input(close, title="Source")
len0 = input(10, minval=1, title="#1 10")
out0 = ema(src, len0)
len1 = input(17, minval=1, title="#2 17")
out1 = ema(src, len1)
len2 = input(38, minval=1, title="#3 38")
out2 = ema(src, len2)
len3 = input(80, minval=1, title="#4 80")
out3 = ema(src, len3)
len4 = input(125, minval=1, title="#5 125")
out4 = ema(src, len4)
len5 = input(200, minval=1, title="#6 200")
out5 = ema(src, len5)
len6 = input(300, minval=1, title="#7 300")
out6 = ema(src, len6)
len7 = input(400, minval=1, title="#8 400")
out7 = ema(src, len7)
len8 = input(500, minval=1, title="#9 500")
out8 = ema(src, len8)

o0 = plot(out0, linewidth=1, color=red, transp=0)
o1 = plot(out1, linewidth=1, color=yellow, transp=0)
o2 = plot(out2, linewidth=1, color=lime, transp=0)
o3 = plot(out3, linewidth=1, color=aqua, transp=0)
o4 = plot(out4, linewidth=2, color=#FF00FF, transp=0)
o5 = plot(out5, linewidth=3, color=red, transp=0)
o6 = plot(out6, linewidth=4, color=maroon, transp=0)
o7 = plot(out7, linewidth=4, color=maroon, transp=0)
o8 = plot(out8, linewidth=4, color=maroon, transp=0)

fill(o0,o1, color=red, transp=60)
fill(o1,o2, color=yellow, transp=60)
fill(o2,o3, color=lime, transp=60)
fill(o3,o4, color=aqua, transp=60)
fill(o4,o5, color=#FF00FF, transp=60)
fill(o5,o6, color=maroon, transp=60)
fill(o6,o7, color=maroon, transp=60)
fill(o7,o8, color=maroon, transp=60)