Coin Prediction Filter - Free Cryptohopper Widget

Welcome to our Tradingview coin prediction filter.

We designed this script to give Cryptohopper users a possibility to decide which coins they want to trade. Because a basic rule says that you should never go against the trend. You can take the code and adjust it to your prefered trading pairs.

Smartgrow-Trading is a community project with the aim of developing the best and most successful trading strategies and sharing them with the community.

The basic idea of this script is to use a higher timeframe trend indicator and apply it on the top 40 coins. We recommend to use it within the 2h candles, but of cause you can use it in other timeframes as well. As result you receive a list of coins for the use within cryptohopper. Because, never trade against the trend.

If there are questions, write them into the comments or contact us directly over the direct message or social media. Happy Trading!

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