Exponential Regression Channel with novel volatility

This code is a modified version of the built-in "linear regression" script of Tradingviews which can be plotted correctly on logarithmic charts
The log reg code of Forza was adjusted by altustro to generate an exponential regression (or a correct linear regression on the log scale, this is equivalent).
The standard deviation in the log scale is a better volatility measure which we call novola, and which defines the trend channel displayed in addition to the main indicator.
The exponential regression slope and channel also defines the typical holding time of the stock and the SL/TP boundaries, which are calculated and displayed at the last bar.

The display works both in log and regular scale. But only in the log scale it can be compared to the linear extension, which can also be plotted when activated in the properties.
The underlying exponential fit can not be displayed in regular scale as only lines can be plotted by TV. But with the related script Exponental Regression also the exponential regression can be exactly displayed using a workaround.

Open-source Skript

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