Volume Zone Oscillator

Oscillator is build on Walid Khalil's and David Steckler's concept for leading volume oscillator

All indicators core's dynamics is fully explained it two articles bellow , written by concepts fathers

Stocks & Commodities V. 29:5 (16-23, 28): In The Volume Zone by Walid Khalil and David Steckler pdf

2008-IFTA journal-Volume Zone Oscillator (VZO) ~by Waleed Aly Khalil pdf

  • Extreme conditions are visually intuitive
  • Momentum shift alerts
  • Candle printer for H/R Divergence pockets and confirmed divergences
  • Ehlers white noise indicator "branch" have wonderful confluences with VZO so its included as optional feature, its toggle button and settings are market with ⚠️to remind that its still heavily experimental
  • Every visual object group in script can be turned off separately from each other for customization freedom

Mar 19
Versionshinweise: Cosmetic change
Mar 23
Versionshinweise: Minor fixes
Mar 23
Versionshinweise: Forgot something
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