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Used by John Carter in his indicator’s toolbox. The ATR channels or the Keltner Channels represent the railroads or the natural movement of stocks.

Movements between the the The first multiplier lines (white) represent standard movement for the timeframe you are trading. Movements between the second multiplier (green/red lines) represent a 2stdv move of the stock in a single direction. Once a stock starts reaching the 3rd multiplier lines there’s an exponential chance that it will revert to the mean (cyan line)

Additionally, we have added the Institutional lines. These are thought in a Small Account Mastery class 2019 by John Carter, as the levels heavily watched by institutions. The default settings represent what John is teaching but they can be further customised.

ATRs channels or Keltner Channels can be great source for target or stop losses and can be used as a indicator for confluence with other technical tools like the Fibonacci lines.
  • Added functionality for showing only the last X days of the KCs (input available in the settings menu)

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