Corona multi Information

You can put 2 Countrys on your Chart

Ill ( Confirmed - ( Recovered and Death)


If you want a feature added write me :)
Normaly i say "Have fun", but not this time.
Stay healthy.
Versionshinweise: Recovered Moving Average 21 added
Versionshinweise: small bug fixed
Versionshinweise: Feature Moving Average added
In Label you can read the diverence between last 21 Days Confirmed and last 21 Days Recovered
Versionshinweise: Bug Checkbox fixed
Versionshinweise: Australia Fixed
Versionshinweise: Label Feature Country added
Versionshinweise: Option LabelSize added
Versionshinweise: Yesturday Info added
Diffrence Yesturday/Today added
Versionshinweise: Recovered Infos added
Versionshinweise: 3rd Label added
Versionshinweise: Label space adjusted
Versionshinweise: small code changes
Versionshinweise: small code change
Versionshinweise: small bug fixed

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