MACD Bull Crossover and RSI Oversold 5 Candles Ago-Long Strategy

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Hello everyone, I've been having a great time perfecting this strategy for a few weeks now. I finally feel like it's time to release it to the public and share what I have been working on.

This strategy only enters a long trade when the MACD crosses over the signal line and the RSI was oversold looking back 5 candles ago. The logic behind this is to wait for RSI to enter the oversold territory, and then when the market starts to recovery the MACD will crossover telling us the sell off is over.

This strategy will close once these 2 conditions are met.
1. MACD Histogram is above 0 and MACD crosses under the signal line.
2. RSI was overbought 5 previous candles ago.

In the strategies settings, you'll be able to enable visual stop-loss and profit levels and change those levels to what you like, enable up to 5 EMA'S,

ADDONS That Affect Strategy:
* Enable visual stop-loss and profit levels as soon as a buy signal is triggered.
* Modify stop-loss and profit levels.
* Modify RSI oversold and RSI overbought levels.
* Modify MACD Fast and Slow moving average.

ADDONS That Do Not Affect Strategy:
* Enable up to 5 EMA's. (This will not affect strategy, and is the only purpose is for people who like following EMA's.)

Thank you for taking the time to try my strategy. I hope you have the best success. I will be making a short strategy, and alerts for this strategy soon. Follow me for updates!

I have used programming language called Python to optimize this script. Python has the ability to use machine learning to hyper optimize any trading strategy. All of my trading strategies are hyper optimized before the are published. If any programmers are interested in optimizing their strategies. The Python framework I use is called Freqtrade. I highly recommend this framework.

*Strategy buy and sell signals has been hyper optimized by backtesting 3 years worth of data on 80 different stocks.
*You can now enable stop loss or take profit individually. You also have the option to enable both.
*Script has been prettified.
I fixed a minor bug in the script for Python Optimization, and here is the source code to TradingView strategy on GitHub.

GitHub: https://github.com/TreborNamor/TradingView_Machine_Learning/blob/master/strategies/MACD-RSI%20%20Strategy
I added Date Range and brought back SL & TP Plot levels into script.
Updated bearish conditions
I updated the script to version 5 and fixed the reorganized date range.

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