Quadratic Weighted Bands

"Quadratic Weighted Bands" (QWB) is designed to identify and visualize market trends and volatility using quadratic weighted filtering techniques. It works by applying quadratic weighting to a selected data source over a specified length, enhancing the sensitivity and responsiveness of the indicator to recent market movements. A major advantage of this indicator is the ability to have a longer lookback period without having too much lag. This results in a smoother output that is still very responsive. Its about twice as fast as a normal average so adjust accordingly.

The indicator is customizable, allowing users to select between the normal Quadratic Weighting (QWF) and Volume Quadratic Weighting (VQWF), choose their data source, adjust the lookback period, and modify the deviation multiplier to fit their analysis needs. Additionally, users can customize the colors of the bands and center line.

The color of the central line changes based on the direction of the trend, as well as having a neutral (ranging) color. This visual aspect makes it easier for traders to quickly see the strength and direction of the market.

Style Select: Choose between "Normal Quadratic Weighting" or "Volume Quadratic Weighting" to adapt the indicator based on volume data or standard price data.
Source: This allows for the selection of the input source for the indicator, such as HL2, ensuring the analysis is aligned with specific trading preferences.
Length: Define the lookback period for the average, with the system automatically utilizing the maximum available length if the specified range exceeds available data, ensuring it always works.
Deviation Length: Optionally adjust the lookback period for calculating deviation, enhancing the indicator's sensitivity and accuracy in identifying market volatility.
Multiplier: Fine tune the deviation multiplier to control the width of the bands, allowing traders to adjust for market volatility and personal risk tolerance.

Top Color: Customize the color of the top band, which also affects the center line's appearance. Adjusting the brightness provides visual clarity and personalization.
Bottom Color: Similarly, select the color for the bottom band, which also influences the center line. The option to adjust brightness ensures the indicator's readability and aesthetic preference.
Neutral Color: Designate a color for indicating a ranging market.


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