Improved simple RSI Buy/Sell at a level (SL/TP)

Improved Simple Strategy based on RSI , using overbought or oversold levels.
Backtest: ETHPERP (FTX) - 30m

Set STOP LOSS and GET PROFIT as a percentage (2% and 10% by default).

If strategy.position_size != 0 algorithm convert percentages into points and set stop loss and take profit limit orders.
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Hi, How can I modify the strategy like this : buy when RSI rises up and crosses 60 and sell if either 10% profit is made or RSI falls below 60. Please help. Thanks in advance
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Bitduke saurabh3679
@saurabh3679, "buy when RSI rises up and crosses 60" - just set overbought const to 60 and use some new variable to save that u'r long, like alreadyLong = true; Check after that, if (alreadyLong) and (rsi < overbought): strategy.entry("Short", strategy.short).