[LunaOwl] Support Resistance Strategy V4

作品: 支撐壓力策略

A simple Support Resistance Breakthrough Strategy, the only difference is that it is PineScript @version=4. interested parties can use it as a reference.
Its logic is simple, wish your all the best.


Support level refers to the support price that the exchange rate may encounter when it falls, so as to stop falling and stabilize the price.
The corresponding concept is the resistance level , that is, the pressure that the exchange rate may encounter when it rises, thus reversing to a falling price.

Versionshinweise: Add bar color button.
Versionshinweise: Some minor modifications.
Open-source Skript

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Hi I want to create scanner for this statergy, what would be conditions? Can you help on this.
very nice work~
what time frame it will work > specially lower time frame or is their any thing need to be change in settings?
LunaOwl SuryakantShinde72
@SuryakantShinde72, the Support Resistance Strategy is a traditional strategy. The backtest results show that the only answer is not to trade frequently. Frequent trading will increase commission costs, tax rates, and capital depletion. The trader's care about the time frame does not seem to be important anymore.

Depending on the factors that determine the success or failure of the transaction, the general environment includes: Is the environment a bull market cycle? , Is the commission low? Can the newly printed banknotes of the central bank continue to support valuations? Small-scale factors include: fund management rules, personal financial planning, and whether there is a regular job.
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@LunaOwl, agree with you, thank you for your valuable feedback.
muchas gracias, voy a probarlo, en el backtesting me muestra muy buenas entradas en largo.
LunaOwl miumiu_y
沒有突破的時候,都是澄色的 0w0)