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  • This indicator has been developed to cover almost all types of moving averages (MA) used in the market. Two of the 21 MA tools can be drawn independently on the price chart.

  • These MA tools include traditional averages such as SMA , EMA , DEMA , as well as innovative averaging tools such as LFS (Laguerre Filter Smoother), LSMA (Least Square Moving Average), ZLSMA (Zerolag LSMA ) developed by @veryfid and SSMA (Super Smoothed Moving Average ) by John F. Ehlers .

  • In addition, the traditional bar opening or closing values ​​can be drawn on the chart as a source, as well as the data produced by a different indicator (for example, RSI ) can be used to calculate the average with this indicator and can be plotted on that oscillator. The chart above shows the drawings made on both the price bars and the RSI oscillator.

  • If desired, the intersections of the plotted curves can be showed as signals. Also, alarms have been added according to the intersection conditions.

  • Another great feature of this indicator is that signals can be filtered according to the instant ADX (Average Directional Movement indeX) value of the market. By using this filter, false signals in horizontal markets can be reduced. Also, with the threshold value setting in the ADX filter, calibration can be made for different assets and time frames when desired.

  • In addition, when desired, the data of different indicators drawn by using the "Raw Source" option can be intersected.

You can also write the combinations you like from the different MA tools and settings you use as a comment below.
  • 5 different Moving Average tools have been added in this version. Thus, the number of MA tools increased to 26.

  • Added 5 new MA tools:

    VMA : Variable Moving Average developed by Tushar S. Chande,
    VIDYA : Variable Index Dynamic Average by @KivancOzbilgic
    WWMA : Welles Wilder Moving Average by @KivancOzbilgic
    TSF : True Strength Force by @KivancOzbilgic
    TILL : Tillson T3 Moving Average by @KivancOzbilgic

  • Added option to fill between lines with desired colors.

  • If desired, variable colors can be assigned according to the rise and fall of the lines.

  • Fixed bugs in alarm conditions.
  • Minor tooltip typo is fixed.
  • When the filter is activated, price bars can turn into variable colors in relation to the ADX value.

  • Minor bugs fixed.

  • Updated tooltip annotations.
Information chart updated.

Short title is changed.

As I mentioned before, I would be happy if you write the MA combinations that sound good to you as a comment below.

Good luck...
With this update you can change the shape and size of the signals.
  • You can now adjust the positions of the signals according to the price bars.

  • Added 'Use for indicators' mode to use Super Moving Average Tools (SMAT) on any indicator (eg RSI).

  • Fixed the turn signals on/off button.

    Note: Unfortunately, signals cannot be manually resized in "Use for indicators" mode due to pine script restrictions.

Minor change...

The default locations of the signals were changed, as generally "crossover" situations occur before price rise and "crossunder" situations occur before price decrease.
  • Fixed a bug on "Location : Price" selection.
Final bug fix. Sorry for the quick updates. But this was the last.

Thank you for your understanding...
  • Improved the visualization of ADX variable bar coloring.
When some MA tools (like VMA) are used, there are cases where the line is equal to its previous value. Therefore, a third color has been added to color such situations differently. It can be used when requested.

If the "Conditional Color" option is checked, the meanings of the line colors are as follows:

  • left color : ascending line
  • middle color: the line is the same as the previous value,
  • right color : descending line
Chart Updated
Now, you can set an alarm for the first bar where the condition is met, according to the ADX threshold value you set.
Now, you can now select independent source values.
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