An inverse fisher transformation of a modified RSI plotted against a smoothed version of itself.
The general trading rules of this indicator are as follows:

1. if the histogram is > 0 and above the line and is green; buy
if the histogram is > 0 and is below the line (green or gray); sell buy position

2. if the histogram is < 0 and below the line and is red; sell
if the histogram is <0 and above the line (red or gray); buy-back sell position
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Good indicator. If you may, can yo send me indicator to email thanks
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good evening---interesting stud---I'm new to this form and had a few questions...

I'll assume the red and green bars are buy and sell but they do not seem to match the rules listed above
oram I missing something.

Does this study work on shorter bars 30 or 60 minute

In reality hows the draw down and or profitability of this method.
thanks Capt. Bob and Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
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This might be a more accurate indicator if you add volume to the calculation
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OrangeBird TowerandLake
@TowerandLake, Thanks for the suggestion, I will try to incorporate that in future versions
What makes the histogram line go green or red? As it would have kept me out of 2 trades that didn't work out (including volume) and it's the only IFT that I can find that has that feature, i'm trying to find out why. Fantastic indicator, thank you!
If you may, can yo send me indicator to email ? , thanks
Hello, I was hoping you'd have mercy on me and let me have access to the code in this so I can add alerts. I've had a pretty good system going using this along with another indicator but I end up staring at charts all day because I don't have ability to make an alert.
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