FOREX Master Pattern Trend Finder by nnamdert

What does this Indicator do?

This indicator works by identifying Trends and "potential" shifts in trends before they happen. It is technically a momentum indicator that watches for specific Bullish or Bearish momentum (i.e. Bull Runs, and Crashes).

How does it do this?

It uses a custom script that takes into account extremes in price and certain moving averages and other accurate forward looking indicators. Once it finds a Bull run, signals are triggered in the form of PLUS signs. It does the same for strong Bearish trends. Based on how the script is configured, the Indicator is able to spot (in advance) unique movement in the trend that can predict a change in momentum prior to the change occurring.

These momentum changes can be configured as alerts.

As seen in the screenshot below the indicator triggers "early warning" signals when it detects a specific movement that is indicative of a potential change in momentum or trend. It does this IN ADVANCE of any change - it is ONLY A PREDICTION but allows the trader to look at the asset to determine if the potential change in trend is valid and gives the trader enough time to set up a trade and stop-loss.

As seen in the screenshot below color-coded candles allow the trader to visually SEE the change on the chart making it easier to get a quick glance at the current trend. In addition, Green and Red Crosses were added to the oscillator to help easily identify trends if the color coded candle feature is turned OFF. These Red and Green Crosses are not located at every highlighted bar location, rather, at the first bar that the alert was triggered on. If there was a gap in the trend, the alert triggers, and plots again when a new trend starts.

As seen in the screenshot below, when a strong trend is present in either direction, small red or green dots are plotted on the oscillator. This makes spotting past and current trends much easier. Even if the price is not moving up or down, this indicates strong underlying buying or selling pressure.

Some traders like using indicators as a reversal finder. Although this indicator is NOT A REVERSAL INDICATOR, I added a signal that can be used as a "potential" reversal finder. You can see this in the screenshot below.

These "reversal" signals typically appear prior to a move in the opposite direction (but not always). A stop-loss can be set at the high or low of the previous bar depending on direction.

At times, multiple "conflicting" warning signals appear back-to-back. This is indicative of a "crab" in the market. Basically, indecision is present in the market. These "early warning" signals are smaller and either BLUE or ORANGE . Once a trend is recognized, the signal will be either RED or GREEN and a bit larger.

Viewing a higher timeframe will allow Forex Master Pattern traders to easily spot contraction zones. I manually draw the lines in at these zones. These "Value Lines" are typically respected in the future. As shown in the screenshot below, the level acted as support in the future and a newer value line was created at a "higher level" - this indicates a Bullish momentum in price as buyers and sellers have agreed upon the higher price as a true value area.

As seen in the screenshot below, multiple potential reversal signals plotted on the chart indicate a "weakening' in the strength of the current trend. This allows the trader to strategically move their stop-loss or simply take some profits off the table at this level.

This Indicator does NOT overlay on the current chart but allows the trader to see color coded bars. Simply double clicking within the indicator will expand the indicator to full screen, and double clicking within the chart itself will hide the secondary pane but keep the candles visible on the chart.

Happy Trading and GOOD LUCK!

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