Kill Zones

******* UPDATED VERSION *******
Use this one: ****************************************

>> OLD STUFF, please use the UPDATED version!!! <<

COPY & PASTE the code and change manually hours to reflect reality regardless selected TimeZone:
doNYOpen "1300-1310"
doNYSession "1300-0000"
doTokyoOpen "0030-0040"
doTokyoSession "0030-0930"
doLondonOpen "0800-0810"
doLondonSession "0800-1700"
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//Created by user oscarvs 10-01-2014
//based on ChrisMoody script

study(title="Kill Zones",shorttitle="Kill Zones", overlay=true)
timeinrange(res, sess) => time(res, sess) != 0

doNYOpen = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="NY Kill Zone On")
doNYSession = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="NY Session On")

doTokyoOpen = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Tokyo Kill Zone On")
doTokyoSession = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="Tokyo Session On")

doLondonOpen = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="London Kill Zone On")
doLondonSession = input(defval=true, type = bool, title="London Session On")

bgcolor(doNYOpen and timeinrange(period, "0800-0810") ? white : na, transp=20)
bgcolor(doNYSession and timeinrange(period, "0800-1700") ? white : na, transp=85)

bgcolor(doTokyoOpen and timeinrange(period, "1900-1910") ? maroon : na, transp=20)
bgcolor(doTokyoSession and timeinrange(period, "1900-0400") ? maroon : na, transp=85)

bgcolor(doLondonOpen and timeinrange(period, "0300-0310") ? olive : na, transp=20)
bgcolor(doLondonSession and timeinrange(period, "0300-1200") ? olive : na, transp=85)