SAG Buy and Sell Indicator

This script indicates a BUY or SELL signal based on the presence of events from 4 other indicators. The four other indicators are:
1) My Stochastic Triple Confirm from September 2016
2) Lazy Bear's Squeeze Momentum Indicator
3) A simple Relative Strength Index set to 9
4) A modified stochastic that I created

A buy signal must occur at the same time on all four indicators in order for this one to signal BUY. Conversely, a sell signal must occur at the same time on all four indicators for a SELL signal to appear here. Because it is rare for all four to perfectly signal BUY or SELL at the same bar point, this indicator will not signal frequently. However, when it signals it can benefit the user.

NO SIGNAL/INDICATOR IS PERFECT. This should be used as a helpful tool and not be a sole factor in making trading decisions. This signal has been very accurate (reliable greater than 97%) in back-testing. A winning position greater than 9 out of 10 times will work for most traders. Please provide feedback, thoughts, and critiques.
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Dont give out the buy and sell indications on the screen! But the idea is great. Thank you for
cguthrie922 CryptoLoverGER
@CryptoLoverGER, the "indicator" or "signal" is a green bar or red bar. Hope this helps