Some people have asked me about this indicator when they see it in my charts so im sharing it for those who are curious. Have a nice day.
Versionshinweise: Updated chart image and removed unused //
Versionshinweise: Only shows on intraday timeframes now
Versionshinweise: Updated chart image
Versionshinweise: Cleaned up code
Versionshinweise: Showing on intraday only is now toggleable
Versionshinweise: Cleaned up code.
Versionshinweise: Showing only on intraday was a workaround because the indicator would not work properly on larger timeframes. This has been removed now and instead ive implemented a "smart resolution" functionality so hiding on larger timeframes should not be neccesary now. Have a nice day.
Versionshinweise: Cleaned up code :)
Versionshinweise: Updated chart image
Versionshinweise: Modified some values

Im honestly not sure what it does
Versionshinweise: Automatically hides when viewing monthly timeframe because it just turns into noise at that point. Have a nice day
Versionshinweise: Fixed distracting step that would sometimes pop up. Added support for seconds and monthly timeframes. I considered adding configurable inputs for source timeframes but it turned out to be more work than i thought. So if you want custom values you will have to edit the script for yourself for now.
Open-source Skript

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