Ichimoku Kinko Hyo and more

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I am publishing my updated Ichimoku ++ study with a more suitable title. Future updates will take place with this version.


The intention of this script is to build/provide a kind of work station / work bench for analysing markets and especially Bitcoin . Another goal is to get maximum market information while maintaining a good chart overview. A chart overloaded with indicators is useless because the structure of the chart is more difficult to see. The chart should be clear and market structure should be easy to see. The script allows you to add indicators and signals in different visualizations to better assess the quality of signals and the sentiment of the market.

A general advise:
Use the included indicators and signals in a confluent way to get stoploss, buy and sell entry points. SR clusters can be identified for use in conjunction with Fractals and other indicators as entry and exit pints. My other scripts can also help. Prefer 4 hours, daily and a longer time frame. There is no "Holy Grail" :).
Versionshinweise: I've removed the Ichimoku parameters to reduce the number of options and the fact that the default values are the best. Better change the time frame, but don't change the Ichimoku default parameters.

Bugfix regarding the fractals. Now the fractal period works as it should, and the fractal signals do respond to a change in the fractal period.

A note:
Don't forget to set the scaling to the price, otherwise the chart will be compressed/squeezed unnaturally.
Versionshinweise: SMA 20 as ending added.
Versionshinweise: MA1 and MA2 can now be SMA and EMA, respectively.
Versionshinweise: Tooltips added and minor changes.
Versionshinweise: Groups added.
Versionshinweise: Code updated. Vertical shift for MA1 and MA2 added (creating the Pi cycle "indicator" is possible now). Some more Background signals for Ichimoku indicator added.
Versionshinweise: SMA/EMA vertical shift bug fixed.
Versionshinweise: Added Kijun on a 2nd higher time frame (higher time frame after next). Line thickness = 3.
Versionshinweise: Attributes of some drawn objects Added. Because of output limitations, I can't add more attributes.
Versionshinweise: MA 1/2 description revised.
Versionshinweise: Script converted to Pine v5.
Versionshinweise: Info Panel added.
Ichimoku confluence signal (IB/IS) improved.
Versionshinweise: Code updated (signals textcolor).
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