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This toolkit is a collection of innovative indicators, carefully designed to be as user friendly as possible. Get access to a collection of all the best we can offer in one indicator.

Providing Multiple Trading Styles

Our toolkit works in any market but has been specifically designed for Bitcoin and Forex.

  • Detect the direction of the trend using an algorithm based on our bounce manager ATR consolidation filtering
  • Find bounces from a handful of different pre-determined lines, the include a 20 period EMA, a supertrend, a T3 moving average and kijun-sen
  • Detect Rob Smith #thestrat entries
  • Filter out noise with our environment filters

and much more. (Check the changelog below for future additions)

If you want more information on how the price action entries of Rob Smith #thestrat work, there are many tutorials on the internet.
When using Rob Smith #thestrat entries the indicator uses bounce manager with a 200 period EMA for trend based bar coloring.

A quick explanation how it finds bounces from these lines:

Filter signals based on timeframe continuity

Timeframe continuity is a method of market analysis where you look if multiple different timeframe charts are in the same direction.
For example:
  • default settings we are in bull territory when the yearly, the quarterly, the monthly and the weekly candle all are green.
  • default settings we are in bear territory when the yearly, the quarterly, the monthly and the weekly candle all are red.
We provided multiple presets but it is recommended to use the standard preset, timeframe continuity is the strongest when using higher timeframes.

Filter signals based on market environment

We realised that trading long or short in an environment with no resistances increased our algorithms success rate.
How the algorithm does this:

1: See which timeframes the user has selected as a filter, on default these are:
  • Needs to be outside timeframe 1 (yearly), false
  • Needs to be outside timeframe 2 (quarterly), false
  • Needs to be outside timeframe 3 (monthly), true
2: Check if our closing price is above those timeframes previous candle high or below previous candle low.

This in combination with timeframe continuity gives a great tool to find the sentiment of the market and trade in the direction of the market.

Turn on autopilot using our signals

This tool is not made to do all decisions for you and requires a manager (you). The basic strategy using the #thestrat preset is to scale into positions on the 4H or higher timeframe, whenever a signal is fired you add to your position and as trend keeps developing the tool will keep adding to your positions.

A good manager knows risk management and does not use a very large position size per entry and builds a position over time.

We recommend you use a timeframe of 4H or higher and diversify over multiple assets. The indicator works best on assets that overtime have created long lasting trends.

Examples of perfect coins to use this on.

We know traders love clean looking charts

This is wy we added some popular indicators to our toolkit, these you can find on tradingview for free but we added them into our toolkit using our color theme, you can find these in the settings under (extra tools).

We also added an option to display bounce source, this is the source line some of our signal presets use to find bounces from using preset bounce manager parameter.
cleaned up code a bit and changed preview chart

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FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
FREE telegram channel —> t.me/honestalgo
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