MTF MACD 2 By Yuthavithi

If you want a good strategy without repaint. This one might be for you. Excellent profitable for BTCUSD3M for OKCoin.
It uses multiple time frame MACD for trading decision. To avoid repaint, set the delay period = 1 for both long term and midterm.

The idea is that, if long term, mid term and current time frame all agree on traidng direction, the trade will take place.

I also uses it in my automated trading bot with good result.

Open-source Skript

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strategy("MTF MACD 2", title = "MultiMACD2", overlay=true)

longTermTimeFrame = input(1440, minval=1, title = "Long Term Time Frame")
longTermDelayPeriod = input(0, minval = 0, title = "Long Term Delay Period")
midTermTimeFrame = input(240, minval=1, title = "Mid Term Time Frame")
midTermDelayPeriod = input(1, minval = 0, title = "Mid Term Delay Period")
tradeOnLongTermTrendDirection = input(true, type = bool, title = "Trade On LongTerm Trend Direction")

//shortTermTimeFrame = input(60, minval=1, title="Short Term Time Frame")
tpPercent = input(5, type=float, title = "Take Profit Percent")
slPercent = input(10, type=float, title = "Stop Loss Percent")
useTP = input(false, type=bool, title = "Use Take Profit / Stop Loss")

tp = (close * tpPercent / 100) / syminfo.mintick
sl = (close * slPercent / 100) / syminfo.mintick

fastMA = ema(ohlc4, 12)
slowMA = ema(ohlc4, 26)
macd = fastMA - slowMA
signal = sma(macd, 9)
hist = macd - signal

lMACD = security(tickerid, tostring(longTermTimeFrame), macd)
lSignal = security(tickerid, tostring(longTermTimeFrame), signal)
lHistLine = security(tickerid, tostring(longTermTimeFrame), hist)
lIdx = round(longTermTimeFrame / interval)

mMACD = security(tickerid, tostring(midTermTimeFrame), macd)
mSignal = security(tickerid, tostring(midTermTimeFrame), signal)
mHistLine = security(tickerid, tostring(midTermTimeFrame), hist)
mIdx = round(midTermTimeFrame / interval)

lUp = lHistLine[longTermDelayPeriod * lIdx] > lHistLine[(longTermDelayPeriod + 1) * lIdx]
lDn = lHistLine[longTermDelayPeriod * lIdx] < lHistLine[(longTermDelayPeriod + 1) * lIdx]

mUp = mHistLine[midTermDelayPeriod * mIdx] > mHistLine[(midTermDelayPeriod + 1) * mIdx]
mDn = mHistLine[midTermDelayPeriod * mIdx] < mHistLine[(midTermDelayPeriod + 1) * mIdx]

sUp = hist[midTermDelayPeriod] > hist[midTermDelayPeriod + 1]
sDn = hist[midTermDelayPeriod] < hist[midTermDelayPeriod + 1]

trendUp = lSignal[longTermDelayPeriod * lIdx] > 0
trendDown = lSignal[longTermDelayPeriod * lIdx] < 0

longExit = lDn and mDn and sDn 
shortExit = lUp and mUp and sUp

long = (lUp and mUp and sUp) and (tradeOnLongTermTrendDirection ? trendUp : true)
short = (lDn and mDn and sDn) and (tradeOnLongTermTrendDirection ? trendDown : true)

barcolor(lUp and mUp and sUp ? lime : lUp and mUp and sDn ?  green : lUp and mDn and sDn ? teal : lUp and mDn and sUp ? blue : lDn and mDn and sDn ? red : lDn and mDn and sUp ? orange : lDn and mUp and sUp ? yellow : lDn and mUp and sDn ? maroon : white)

if (long)
    strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long) //comment = tostring(hisline[macdTimeFrame / interval]))
    if (useTP)
        strategy.exit("Exit Long", "Long", profit =  tp, loss = sl)

if (longExit)
if (short)
    strategy.entry("Short", strategy.short)
    if (useTP)
        strategy.exit("Exit Short", "Short", profit =  tp, loss =  sl)

if (shortExit)


Make sense strategy tho, so your long term setting is Daily close right ?, so the repaint risk is because the is still painting right?
But seems right with no repaint because you add 1 period ? right right right ill test it on spot market, great job dude
pls reply i'd like to confirm the logic, thx
+2 Antworten
Has anyone been using this recently? I have been working on a MTF MACD Strategy for sometime and could use some assistance.
hi, this is great.
i have some issues with alert script though,
it keeps firing while in long or short position, can i make the alerts only fire once at the beginning of the entry and end?
thank you
Bago Bago
i've been trying to solve this myself,
but my lack of knowledge about pinescript is disturbing.