Cross 2 Emas + Pullback

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it's not financial advice and It's your responsibility to win and lose with this strategy.
also, there is no benefit for publisher at all if you win or lose a trade.
and this strategy is working only in 4h timeframe, and I didn't test or check for other timeframes!
this strategy is based on two EMAS crossing each other and waiting for the price to pull back on fast ema(ema with lower length).
so basically , when EMA 50 crosses up with the EMA 100 , we are looking for a long and waiting for the price to touch the EMA 50.
the Strategy is based on 100% equity because personally I use small budget for each ROBOT(like 100$)
the initial capital = 100$
order size = 100% of equity
commission = 0.1%
trade start time = 2021.1.1
1.Stop loss ATR = (your number * ATR ) + stoploss
2.RR = Risk / Reward
3.ATR length = ATR setting (7,9,14)
4.Emas setting = you can choose the EMA length
for exp : if you want EMA 25 and 75 , fill the fast ema length with 25 and 75 for slow ema length
5.Time : you can tell the strategy to trade from which time to which time
exp : 2021.1.1 to 2022.1.1 or 2019.1.1 to 2021.1.1
6.long or shot : if you deactivate the long , it will trade only short.(same thing for short)(strategy trade both sides by default)
7. you can remove the labels and Table from menu as well
when EMAS cross each other , you will see Dimond shape (as you know you can change the shape and color)
when we are in a position , we can see a table like this which shows us the percent and value of the Stop loss and target price.
E = Entry Line
SL = Stoploss line
TP = Target Price
(you can also remove labels in setting)
my goal is to upgrade this strategy with your ideas.
not financial advice !
please , share your ideas with me to improve the strategy
I would like to see what do you think about this strategy <3
have a great day.
you can modify your alert message from now !
connect to exchange or webhook or what ever you want , and it will send whatever you want as well.
1. first go to the setting menu
write or copy your message.

2. open alert menu

<<< this is message you need to put in message box >>>

without this message your alert setting will not work !
its not financial advice.
any trade such a loss or win based on your own risk .
this robot did not made for automatic trade.
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