All in 1 Indikator (MAs, GAP Indikator, BB, Clouds)

This indicator provides:
-> up to 5 SMAs and EMAs at the same time.
-> HullMA
-> VWMA ( Volume based MA)
-> Ichimoku Cloud
-> Parabolic SAR (for Trend analysis)
-> special 1. Add up to 2 Bollinger Bands (so you can add 2 BB at the same time with different standard deviations)
-> special 2. You also can add an GAP Indikator. The red and green lines you can see in the picture. This tool finds gap's in the btc cme chart for example and shows them to you
Versionshinweise: Added BTC Log Growth Curve by TradingView User quantadelic.
Versionshinweise: Added Pivot Points weekly to the script.
Versionshinweise: Added Indicator for Bullish and Bearish Harami Candles and removed VWMA
Versionshinweise: Pivot Bug Fix
Versionshinweise: Bug Fix und Auswahl des Pivot Zeitraumes
Versionshinweise: Pivot Setting Feld nicht sichtbar, Versuch es zu fixen mit Reupload
Versionshinweise: Added PiCycle Top Indicator and OB Signals (Order Block) for Order Book Buy and Sell Signals.
(Ichimoku had to be removed for the updates (Pine Code Limit was reached)) So I decided to remove them and add what I think is more important, at least for me :)

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