[CLX][#03] Object-Stack (Labels/Lines/Boxes)

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This script shows an example of how to manage objects (lines/labels/boxes) and prevent the need of garbage collecting and missing objects.

You only have to push your object into the right array.
*_FIXED (left-lock) or *_FORWARD (right-lock)

We hope you enjoy it! 🎉

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// ******************************** N E W - L I B R A R Y - V E R S I O N *********************************** //
// **
// ** // **
// ********************************************************************************************************************* //
  • Updated to PineScript v5.
  • This script shows an example library implementation to import `cryptolinx/ObjectStack/5 as objx`
Release Notes: LIBRARY VERSION: v5

- showLast(simple int _bars) returns bool

- This function allows drawing of objects at runtime at a specified number of >bars in history< before script reachs end.
- It is like `show_last` argument at plots.

- remove fTABLE, fFILL
- change xTABLE, xFILL to TABLE, FILL
- change default max values to 500 (script standard)
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