MACD ReLoaded

A different approach to Gerald Appel's classical Moving Average Convergence Divergence.

Appel originaly set MACD with exponential moving averages.
In this version users can apply 11 different types of moving averages which they can benefit from their smoothness and vice versa sharpnesses...

Built in Moving Average type defaultly set as VAR but users can choose from 11 different Moving Average types like:

SMA : Simple Moving Average
EMA : Exponential Moving Average
WMA : Weighted Moving Average
DEMA : Double Exponential Moving Average
TMA : Triangular Moving Average
VAR : Variable Index Dynamic Moving Average a.k.a. VIDYA
WWMA : Welles Wilder's Moving Average
ZLEMA : Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average
TSF : True Strength Force
HULL : Hull Moving Average
TILL : Tillson T3 Moving Average

In shorter time frames backtest results shows us TILL, WWMA, VIDYA (VAR) could be used to overcome whipsaws because they have less numbers of signals.
In longer time frames like daily charts WMA , Volume Weighted MACD V2, and MACDAS and SMA are more accurate according to backtest results.

My interpretation of Buff Dormeier's Volume Weighted MACD V2:

Thomas Aspray's MACD: (MACDAS)
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Hi! Love you work!

One issue: the script isn't showing me the MACDLong/Short signals.

It's all set up as default. I'm using the app latest version.

I'm using the same indicator as in your example: Volume based Colored Bars.

Please, any help appreciated.
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not working
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youtube video gelir mi hocam ?
elinize sağlık
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@mssahin55, evet
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I love it, I still see value in using the MACD as a confirmation tool with associated price action. Thanks for the work you put into this.
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emeğinize sağlık hocam çok teşekkür ederim...
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Teşekkürler Kıvanç hocam
enerjinize ve emeğinize sağlık..
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Hocam kullanım için video bekliyoruz.
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Emeğine sağlık Kıvanç