Volty Expan Close Strategy with Backtest Date Range

Input Information

Length Numeric 5 Number of bars used to determine the average true range .
NumATRs Numeric .75 Factor used to calculate a percentage of the average true range , used to

Long and short entry based on a percentage of price movement beyond the average range.
Profitable and simple strategy..
Open-source Skript

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hey man.. great strategy..easy and simple.. im not much a programmer but can this script be used on metatrader platform?
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mertriver1 Macapable
@Macapable, Thank you! I don't know how to do this. Reach more knowledgeable people on Metatrader.
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jt_es mertriver1
@mertriver1, Is the indicator based on average true range?. how does it work? I am trying to find this indicator for MT4 but no luck.
Thanks for your excellent work. I have a question. How do you force the strategy to exit all open positions at a particular time on every day of trading?
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Hey, hope you are well. Really like this tool. Is it possible to get it with alerts??
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Thanks for posting this, very simple for such good results. How can I modify the script so I can create alerts?
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mertriver1 cosmo62
@cosmo62, Sorry for the late response, I don't know, but I will work on it.
Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho gostaria de obter esta estrategia para metatrader 5 se alguém conseguir poderia disponibilizar.
hey man, excellent job.. easy and simple
can you please elaborate how does the script check for condition for long entry

if (time_cond and not na(close))
strategy.entry("VltClsLE", strategy.long, stop=close+atrs, comment = "VltClsLE")
strategy.entry("VltClsSE", strategy.short, stop=close-atrs, comment = "VltClsSE")

where does the condition for long entry is checked
Buenas noches a cuantos minutos puedo operar con estas mega estrategia?