Buy Sell Bands

Buy Sell Bands is a super simple indicator based on the mean reversion (range trading) strategy that shows you exactly where to buy, sell and close trades on every chart, market and timeframe.

It's best used together with our Range Strength indicator to identify when the market is in a range mode, this is the best time to take the entry signals from the Buy Sell Bands.

How Is It Different From Other Indicators?

- Designed specifically for the mean reversion (range trading) strategy
- Upper and lower bands are based on current and past volatility
- Aren't as sensitive to "squeezes" after periods of contracted volatility
- Works well in conjunction with the Range Strength Indicator to confirm entry signals
- Helps identify good "pair trading" opportunities
- Can be applied to all markets and timeframes

How To Use The Indicator?

1) Visit our website URL shown below this description and signup
2) We will then grant your TradingView username permission to use our indicators
3) Go to your Indicators window, then the Invite-Only section and add our indicators to your chart
4) Our indicators will then show on every chart you now look at
5) You can set up alerts to be notified in real time of trading signals from our indicators
6) Read our user manual for all the best tips on how to use our indicators as part of a range trading strategy
7) Feel free to reach out to us for personal one-on-one help with getting setup

What Markets and Conditions Does It Work Best On?

All markets cycle between trending and ranging modes, and the key to successfully using these indicators is identifying when the market is in or about to go into a range trading mode, and as such it can be applied to all markets and timeframes.

Some markets and timeframes trade within ranges more predictably than others, for example Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Futures on the 15 minute timeframe during the US night session can work well due to the lack of price sensitive news creating lasting trends. With Stocks & ETFs on the 5 minute timeframe during the midday session on large cap blue chip stocks with no recent news releases can show strong range trading environments to use our indicators in.

In addition to single markets, you can also use our indicators on pair charts, for example Coca Cola (KO) versus Pepsi( PEP ), you can do this by entering KO/ PEP inside your TradingView chart quote box and it will bring up a pair chart. Our indicators will show buy and sell signals right on the pair chart just like any other single instrument chart. You can get very creative with what type of pairs you can come up with.

Our indicators are primarily designed for day trading and swing trading, however they can also be used for position trading and investing by identifying technically oversold and overbought range levels that are based on current and past volatility around a dynamic average price, for this we recommend using a weekly chart to identify longer trading opportunities.

As always indicators should be used as part of a trading strategy to assist in making decisions, instead of just blindly following every signal they produce you should always seek to compliment technical trading signals with additional analysis to reduce your risk and increase your odds of making a winning trade.

Examples Of Use On Various Markets and Timeframes

GBP vs CHF Forex Pair 15 Minute Chart

Tesla Stock 1 Minute Chart

Bitcoin vs USD Crypto Pair 15 Minute Chart

Micro E-Mini SP500 Futures 1 Minute Chart

Mastercard vs Visa Stock Daily Pair Chart

To gain access to the Buy Sell Bands and Range Strength Indicators visit our website shown below.

Happy Range Trading :)
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Don’t buy. After seeing an ad on FB I asked the creator for a legitimate back test or brokerage statements. Was told that only paid members get to see back tests and was blocked from making any further comments on their page.
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hello i want to try this indicator, how can i reach you?
Hoy to buy ?
Can you please give me access to this indicator for the trial? My ID = azimbalbatti
Hi apex indi, is it possible to have access to this indi thanks alot
Hello sir please give me access to the indicators my I'd is Rishi50
I got trial activation email, but cannot find those indicators in invite-only section.Their supports emails are blocked. The website is not working. Not understanding the matter. However a red flag on transaction on that website.
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Their website still not working, meanwhile I paid them from the link they provided in promotional email through Paypal. And I inform them to their paypal address and they activated both indicators in my account. Thank to them.
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Hi apex indi, is it possible to have access to this indi thanks alot